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21 hours ago, PAT said:


Before saying bye, I need to write about Onur Saylak, I feel like I have to.

It's the first time I see him in anything, and I have to say that he is SO good (?!) But like, really REALLY good (!?!!) If this man had half the looks the other star actors have, he would have literally crushed the competition long time ago. He's a wonderful actor and he made it really interesting for us to watch him despite his very bad character. Hats off :pZflBRudGvo5t7ddaNQL:

agreed.. i saw his acting for the first time in this one and he really impressed with his talent. his dynamics with kadir, zeynep and even cansiz is what that made me stick to this dizi till end. otherwise i would have it left it long ago..

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Looks like that thing with AlpMel was only for show or maybe not, but she deleted one selfie with him, the one which they posted l think it's way back from episode 9 or so...

Or maybe there was something but ended bad and that's why they both ignored each other at last days and didn't take one single picture together...:moque:

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