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Ezel is a Turkish crime drama TV series was initially broadcast by Show TV in autumn 2009. In 2010, it was transferred to ATV. It has since gained a considerably large fan base in Turkey. Although it is set in modern day Istanbul, Turkey, filming also took place in Bafra, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Dubrovnik, Croatia.


In 1997 Istanbul, Ömer Uçar (Ismail Filiz) and his family lived a comfortable lower middle-class life. Ömer had two best friends he had known for years; Ali (Barış Falay) who he worked with as a motor mechanic, and Cengiz (Yiğit Özşener) when Ömer met and fell in love with Eyşan (Cansu Dere). Ali and Cengiz soon became convinced by Serdar Tezcan (Salih Kalyon), who happens to be Eyşan's father, to rob a casino. Serdar created the whole plan, and worked out there would be four people needed for a successful robbery. The first, Cengiz would be the mole who got a job working in the casino and who would therefore gain access. The second, Ali would be the ruthless killer who has no problem committing murder if needed. The third, Eyşan (Cansu Dere) would be the skilled con-woman who would manipulate the characters. Finally, Ömer would be blamed for the robbery by way of implanting false evidence, and therefore misleading the police and causing them to cease all other investigations. Ali and Cengiz at the time believed that Ömer would only get a few years in jail for stealing the money, however the robbery went wrong and Ali shot the security guard to death. This was done with a gun that Cengiz had pointed at Ömer a few days before after having drunk, and when Ömer touched the gun his fate was sealed. A jacket that Ömer had previously worn was also dumped with the gun to ensure the police would be swift in arresting Ömer.

Eyşan would later testify in court in order to re-establish the evidence and accusations, thus cementing her betrayal. The plan worked successfully and while all Ali, Cengiz, Serdar and Eyşan got away with millions of dollars, Ömer went to jail the day after he proposed to Eyşan. In jail Ömer had a very hard time, being beaten almost daily by the head prison warden who was convinced Ömer had committed the crime, and wanted to know where the money was. His family was even threatened, and so his hatred for his old friends grew for what they had done to him. Ömer's only luck was to be taken under the wing of Ramiz Karaeski (referred to as Uncle Ramiz, played by Tuncel Kurtiz), once a powerful mafia type figure who treated Ömer like one of his sons and offered him some protection while imprisoned. In 2006, Ömer, had his face badly cut by the head warden with two other guards by using a riot in the prison as an excuse to beat Ömer, so he would tell where the money was. Ömer pretended to tell him, so that when the warden dismissed the other guards, a fight to the death mean't the head warden was killed. With help from Ramiz, it was made known that Ömer had died but his face was unrecognisable, when actually Ömer escaped the jail and had full plastic surgery. Ömer Uçar then changed his name to Ezel Bayraktar (meaning "eternity" in Turkish), played by Kenan İmirzalıoğlu), and returns to get his revenge, unknown to his previous friends, Eyşan and Cengiz (who are now married and have a son), and Ali (who is head of security at Cengiz's hotel) The once simple boy becomes a man exceptionally skilled at gambling, reading people, fighting, and has considerably high class in society. He is helped by his assistants Kamil (Güray Kip) and Sebnem (Bade İşçil), as well as his prison mentor Ramiz Karaeski.


Kenan Birkan

The main villain of the series. Ramiz's old friend.When Ramiz took from him his girlfriend,Selma Huner and beat him in poker,became Ramiz's worst nemesis.

Serdar Tezcan

Eysan's father and the mastermind of the plan of robbing the casino and killing the security guard for what Ömer got imprisoned.

Cengiz Atay

Ömer's childhood friend.

Ali Kırgız (Kerpeten Ali)-(Villain in the first season of the series)

Ömer's former boss and good friend.

Sekiz - Number 8

Grandson of Ramiz Karaeski, has the same name as his grandfather. Raised in lies and deception, he was led to believe his grandfather was responsible for his father's death.


Kenan Birkan's right hand man.


Kenan Birkan's hitman.

Series Cast

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu (Ezel Bayraktar / Ömer Uçar) The protagonist, in love with Eysan, swore vengeance on the people who betrayed him.

Cansu Dere (Eyşan Tezcan Atay) Love interest of Ezel and Cengiz, con woman taught by her father Serdar.

Yiğit Özşener (Cengiz Atay) Villain, Ezel's chilhood friend, in love with Eysan.

Barış Falay (Ali Kırgız) (Kerpeten Ali) Good-hearted antagonist in 1st Season,later became good, Ezel's friend, in love with Bahar, then with Azad.

Sedef Avcı (Bahar Tezcan) Eyşan's sister, suffering from leucemia, in love with Ezel.

Tuncel Kurtiz (Ramiz Karaeski) Mafia boss, the Godfather, mentored and trained Ezel.

Haluk Bilginer (Kenan Birkan) The main villain of the series, mafia boss, Ramiz's former friend, now nemesis.

Salih Kalyon (Serdar Tezcan) Villain, conman, Eyşan's and Bahar's father.

İpek Bilgin (Meliha Uçar) Ömer's mother.

Beyazıt Gülercan (Mümtaz Uçar) Ömer's father.

Kemal Uçar (Mert Uçar) Ömer's brother, journalist seeking the truth around his brother.

Burcin Terzioglu (Azad Karaeski) Ramiz's daughter, in love with Ali.

Bade İşçil (Şebnem Sertuna) Ezel's assistant, in love with Tefo.

Güray Kip (Kamil Çamlıca) Ezel's right-hand man

Sarp Akkaya (Tevfik Bostancı) Often called Tefo, Ramiz's and Ezel's man who befriends Ali.

Bengü Benian (Nükhet Özbağ) Eyşan's Aunt.

Utku Barış Serma (Can Atay) Eysan's son.

İsmail Filiz (Ömer Uçar) Played Ömer before the surgery.

Rıza Kocaoğlu (Temmuz) Kenan Birkan's hitman.

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ (Sekiz) Ramiz's grandson

Berrak Tüzünataç (Bade) Vur Kac's barwoman

Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezel_%28TV_series%29

Series Produced by Kerem Catay

Series Original Music by Toygar Isikli

Series Directed by Uluç Bayraktar

Series Writing credits

Pinar Bulut

Kerem Deren

Ezel is a story about love, revenge and forgiveness





The story has more than one truth


Every person has more than one side

He's alive and dead, he's in love but wants revenge



she betrayed him and she loves him


He is traitor and loyal at the same time


He is his friend and enemy


She is strong and weak


They betrayed him when he trusted them more than anyone


And After 12 years he came back for revenge


Are they in love ?


Or they hate each other ?


Will he ever forgive them?

How many innocent people will he hurt while taking revenge?

You'll know the answer when you watch Ezel :P

Extremely talented Actors in a great show

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Mumtaz (Ezel's father)


Meliha (Ezel's mother)


Mert (Ezel's brother)


Serdar (Eysan's father)


Azat (Ramiz's daughter)






Ramiz or Sekiz






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