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  1. Slam dear Angel ! I'm facing a trouble signing I since many days, whenever I signed in I got a message ' sory we are unable to handle this request right now' error 500.

    I couldn't even pm you coz sometimes it does not open the page I tried to, what should I do now ? Looking forward for your help, Lutfen

  2.  "Happy Birthday sweetheart !" 

    may you have many many more,

    I wish you love,luck and peace for every single day coming in your life....Ameen 


    1. Jellybon


      Thank you very much :heartshape2:

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! :wetkissf::tulipsmileyf:

    you are Sagittarius like me....

    1. Tahzeeb


      Thanks dear :preved:

      So glad you wished me...yes come weboth are lively and adventurous :loveshower:

  4. Engin is always on my mind.


  5. Jenny dear did you asked him if he is in a relationship or not, when he will get married or did you tried to get his number ?

    1. Jenny


      Dear Tehmena, .Engin is a warm person and polite but its not easy to ask such personal questions especially to him.. we ask him only for his future projects but he said he had nothing finalised yet. Our conversation didnt reached  such personal level.

      From other sources we learnt that he isn't now in a serious relationship but not from his lips......from my personal point of view I could say that he isn't gonna married soon I have this impression, 


    2. Tahzeeb


      So sweet of you dear beauty, you answered me in detail thanks for all this:wetkissf:

  6. Hello, dear maman I'm a die hard fan of tuba, and also trustworthy to keep things if you feel it right you can pm me what you know about her..what's the exact scenario I will be extreme thankful to you, and If you don't, never mind its OK.:girl_in_love:

  7. Hi Lena ! I'm a big fan of your lengthy reviews of kpa episodes, I enjoyed a lot, stay blessed.