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  1. Yeah, from what I unferstand, one of the reasons we are moving is so that everyone can join the new place for free! The donations we are now making are only for the costs of moving the forum. They are voluntary and do not determine who will be able to join the new forum.
  2. @Angel., I just donated as well. I hope you got the money and good luck with all that moving!
  3. And I truly believe it's about the people, not the place. Yes, we love this board the way it is, but I'm sure Angel is going to try to choose something as similar to what we have here as possible. To me, as long as it's a forum and not a FB group (yes, yes, still not a fan), it will be a place I'm willing to adapt to
  4. I've been saying that for a long time, but she really needs to come back!!!!!!
  5. I hope there will be some way for us to watch this show...
  6. Wow, wow, wow!!! I am so behind with everything!! These past couple of months have been quite crazy for me and I have had sort of an on again off again relationship with the forum, but I would absolutely hate to lose this community!!!! As I have said a million times, this is the only place online where I feel comfortable talking about Turkish TV shows, and I would be very sad to lose the forum! @Angel., if you feel moving to a free platform is the right step from your perspective as an admin, then you have my full support! Short of selling my house or donating my kidney, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep this community alive. And yes, the changes might be a little uncomfortable for a while, but I think adapting to them is still a way better option than giving up on this wonderful place!! Also, with the new fall season coming, I should finally be able to keep visiting the forum like a normal human being :P
  7. I really hope they don't make a 2nd season. I meam continuing through the summer sounds reasonable if it gets decent ratings, but enough is enough BTW, there is some talk that episode 37 is not going to air this week? Does anyone have any info about it?
  8. I would definitely vote for finishing it in June. Otherwise it will have a 5-episode idiotic 2nd season like all the other romcoms. The ratings are already lower than 5, so I don't know what kind of ratings they are expecting for the end of this season and the potential 2nd season...
  9. She really needs to come back to TV!!!!
  10. So is Veli going to be the new Vedat??? Every episode they are going to try and kill him and he's going to survive every time?
  11. Yeah, but knowing real life luck, you'd probably end up badly hurt or in a coma or something Did anyone watch tonight? How was the ep?
  12. I agree about that. While I really do like them together, I think that the story has progressed a little too fast. First he stabs her and BAM, they are in love. I don't know, but I would have been a little more conflicted about falling for a guy who tried to kill me. It seems like the writers completely forgot about that fact and instead of making that the biggest problem for them, they give us Meral and the Latin telenovela tactics...
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