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  1. I just saw the latest update regarding our beloved forum here. I don't mind and i will support whatever decision u make. I'm sure its for the best, both for the forum and also us, the family. I love this forum, i love the content, and i most certainly the my virtual family here. . Whatever you decide, u have my support.
  2. ayy... its like PK time back again. Tamam, i will contact Angel for the subs. But i will watch the 1st episode first without the sub to get the initial feel ...
  3. This is a very good and convincing testimonial.. . Do you anywhere i can watch with english sub, though?
  4. ok so i have been lurking for sometimes.. and stalking Feyyaz bey on social medias. I want to watch Kadin but i'm afraid the story may not click with me long term. But i want to watch Feyyaz.. wow this is #ToughDecision. Anyway, his smiles. Masallah . Is Kadin ending? Or already ended? I hope he joins some other shows soon. I'm sure will watch him.
  5. ... and I spot Ilker. Funeral for Aykut Comert today. Allah rehmet eylesin.
  6. I was so excited as well when i saw this news. Kaan is finally back on screen, and its Netflix! . He is indeed a very fine actor, and that looks, idk, maybe because he used to play villains, i just have things for villains. They have a very hot-manyak-lovable look.
  7. Oh Kizim has ended as well. I like this show when it first started. I think i'm gonna bingewatch this later. I really like the chemistry between Bugra and Beren. The father-daughter rship was just so sweet when i first saw it. . Do we have eng sub for this, anyway?
  8. What a beautiful , beautiful episode. . I love this family so much. .
  9. So it the final episode will be on 31/5/19. And she’s coming back. Maybe to cheer up Garip while Esma is lost in her sickness.
  10. Started so very well, but fell like a zombie being thrown down from a cliff.. by a Lady Dragon.. . Also, I swear 1 of the reasons this show was axed abruptly was because it aired on KanalDumb. And Here's some good music from the show... . It had potential.. And this Jenerik, is DEFINITELY a steal/copy of Westworld. p/s : I think the boy who played Umut/Deniz is Ataberk (Sinan from PK) , little brother.. isnt he? I think i saw him on Ataberk's IG sometime ago... cok tatli bu cocuk!
  11. Ya i saw the 1st and 2nd episode. It didnt work for me. So i take a peek from time to time to see whats the development.. . Or any new interesting characters that might catch my attention.. unfortunately not yet. Your comments are always funny btw! . I enjoy reading comments here than watching the show.. so far. . No offence!
  12. Wow i love this new look! Its soft.. just like me. . ok thats a total LIE. . But i love this soft new theme yep. Thanks @Angel. for all the hard-works! Its simply B E A U T I F U L just like you.
  13. thinking about 8Gun... just makes me sad and mad. That show had potential! . Damn you ATV.. oh but not so damnnned because u give me Hercai at least.. . I really dont know what went wrong with 8Gun... . Maybe the plot was tooo sophisticated , ppl didnt bother to catch.. BUT, whatabout Nobet itself? Wow this show had a good 1st episode i read but it just... didnt go well after that, didnt it..?
  14. Yabanci. Sounds good already. We know Ilker's material is always good. I hope this wont disappoint. Anyway i will watch any Ilker show.. even if its just him , talking to a wall the whole season.. . Ok. We're definitely in the wrong thread. . I'm also actually looking forward to watch Engin Altan..post Dirillis later.. though this will take awhile.. . About Musa though, its just a dream until i really see him on a real tv show, on my screen. lol.
  15. LOL Maxine. Yep. I've complained enough about Cukur.. yet im just gonna watch it go downfall anyway. I dont want to miss the opportunity. . Uff Ilker's show.. is it gonna be on showTV? I certainly hope so. with some plus plus cast like Musa falan.. . Boy i need that man to start working again!
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