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  1. Hiya Angel! It works. So i have to use Zuzu from now on? Will it affects my log in if i change my username later on? Thank you so much, i give u millions og lemons!
  2. I think so too. Its ok, i'll wait patiently for the solution and play around here while waiting. . But i feel so left behind.. LOL.
  3. I’m having the similar problem too. . I feel like crying bcause as if i feel like i’ve been kicked / banned out from my virtual family
  4. @Angel. my dear sister. Thank you for all your efforts, as well as the other members who have helped. I'm looking forward to the new place, i'll be praying and wishing for all the good things to happen, amin.. insallah . I wish i can do more, and help more (like maintaining the site with u), however between my job and my life which also consist a huge percentage of my job , i have quite a lot going on.. and limited time. The least i can do is by donating. Again, thank you very much for your dedication to keep this community stay on, and together as a family. Hugs and Love from me, flew in direct from the Asian wind . LOL.
  5. Hi i would like to ask, when will the new forum start working? or is it already working? Did i miss anything...?
  6. Okie i dont mind if migration is the best solution, then let it be. I'm all for the help, insallah. I also agree with Lila its not really active at the moment, because its not the popular dizi season.. (at least for me too). Well anyway, i will always be here (and there and wherever) to provide my support for the benefits of our community. Thanks Angel for everything you're doing.
  7. Dirillis with Engin Altan equals to Glory Glory. But i'm glad its over now bcause i want to see Engin on another show which is non-historical, with normal costume.. lol. Although he looks super hot still as Ertugrul with that long hair, and beard and all... .
  8. wow.. TRT really did the impossible. I think they sense this sezon will flop..
  9. I just saw the latest update regarding our beloved forum here. I don't mind and i will support whatever decision u make. I'm sure its for the best, both for the forum and also us, the family. I love this forum, i love the content, and i most certainly the my virtual family here. . Whatever you decide, u have my support.
  10. ayy... its like PK time back again. Tamam, i will contact Angel for the subs. But i will watch the 1st episode first without the sub to get the initial feel ...
  11. This is a very good and convincing testimonial.. . Do you anywhere i can watch with english sub, though?
  12. ok so i have been lurking for sometimes.. and stalking Feyyaz bey on social medias. I want to watch Kadin but i'm afraid the story may not click with me long term. But i want to watch Feyyaz.. wow this is #ToughDecision. Anyway, his smiles. Masallah . Is Kadin ending? Or already ended? I hope he joins some other shows soon. I'm sure will watch him.
  13. ... and I spot Ilker. Funeral for Aykut Comert today. Allah rehmet eylesin.
  14. I was so excited as well when i saw this news. Kaan is finally back on screen, and its Netflix! . He is indeed a very fine actor, and that looks, idk, maybe because he used to play villains, i just have things for villains. They have a very hot-manyak-lovable look.
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