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  1. Believe it or not, I plan to re-watch it soon :)
  2. They haven'y said why, only that the scenarists will have to work to find solution... From what I have read/heard his character was not very interesting and some mention that his acting was not the best. Who knows?
  3. I read it, although I never watched any of episodes...
  4. For my taste, he lost too much weight... His best looks and acting were in Meryem. Period.
  5. Apparently, Furkan is not wasting time... It is speculated that this time he is in relationship with Ozge Ozacar, Naz from Meryem... I credited him for better taste... https://www.haberturk.com/furkan-andic-yeni-sevgilisi-ozge-ozacar-magazin-haberleri-2271172-magazin
  6. Vay be, Ayca!!! She is quite fiery little thing in "Protector"...
  7. I really love Ayca, and I know everybody has his/her personal taste - but this dress is... simply... disastrous..
  8. Not only that his hair is longer, but seems to me that he lost some weight
  9. He looks like he lost some weight (on second photo)...
  10. My sentiments exactly, Misya!!! I agree 100%!!! I must add that even this show was not planned to last long (correct me if I am wrong) it lasted 30 EPISODES!!! Considering that they were a product of Kanal D, it was big success! Look what was happening with all these new shows (they cancelled them after 3,4,5, 10 episodes. Those with better luck lasted 13 episodes). And as you or QueenLola said, a plot was very simple; I guess they wanted to finish with maybe 20 episodes, but then ratings were good, so why not to expand with some stupidities... But still, I enjoyed... And I guess not only me - 313 pages of discussion - not small thing at all...
  11. I read today that apparently Busra confirmed that they were not together anymore
  12. Or Serenay Sarikaya 🙂 She dated two of them from Lale Devri (Pamir Pekin and Tolgahan Sayisman) and Cagatay Ulusoy (Medcezir)...
  13. Oh, I remember that one - it seemed to me that she/he was some kind of troll or attention seeker 🙂. Anyway, I agree that actors have the right to live their lives the way they want. The only thing is that they are public personalities and their lives are under scrutiny all the time. And there are lot of viewers who LOVE to project characters chemistry on the screen onto their real life. It is not the way how it works. Sometimes it happens, most of times it does not. In this particular case, if Furkan is happy with DD and they suit each other, who are others to judge? Ayca and Furkan had an amazing chemistry on the screen - I am not someone who is easily attracted to the shows; I watched Meryem because of them. And because of Cemal 🙂 Only what I noticed is that something happened around November/December and that their personal relationship became strained. Maybe they wanted that way to take off the pressure of their shoulders (people wanting them to be couple) or something else. But it did not affect their acting and for that reason I admire their professionalism.
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