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  1. Hi lovelies! My user name here is Lila. (with dot); in the new home my user name is the same, ama I login without dot
  2. Great news! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  3. Hocam benim! So good news!!! The migration to the new place is happening! Kolay gelsin! Hope this doesn’t take you so much time and effort! We will be fine all together, and our community will be bigger like old times! I will contribute! Tabii ki!
  4. Çok Geçmiş Olsun Hocam! I'm sure we are going to get used to the new platform, we have to be patient, and keep our minds open!
  5. Thanks for the update canim!
  6. Hocam dead line was yesterday, are we moving already?
  7. Thanks Hocam for everything!!! I will post here when my donation is done
  8. Lila.

    Forum Offline

    I agree moving the forum is the best option. I registered in proboards long time ago and it was OK, not the same of course, but it works. The soon we move the better! We all dislike changes, ama, that’s life, we have to make decisions when it’s necessary, and this is the case for sure It’s up to us, keep the spirit of our lovely forum In the new platform, it won’t be a new forum just different. The forum is US! Tell us @Angel. what we have to do? How much we have to donate, contribute money for migration I also agree that the forum currently is not that active because there is not a hit show, at least for me I hope fall winter season (spring summer for me in Southern Hemisphere) will bring new great diziler.
  9. Lila.

    Forum Offline

    Hello dear friends! I'm so sad and worry about what's going on with our lovely Forum. I'm with majority too, and I support you Hocam in whatever decision you make! Please let us know, if you need any help, and enjoy your vacations!
  10. Hi Ángel! The same here please!!!
  11. Angel sponsorship is a great idea I’m totally in!
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