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  1. Lila.

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    Hello dear friends! I'm so sad and worry about what's going on with our lovely Forum. I'm with majority too, and I support you Hocam in whatever decision you make! Please let us know, if you need any help, and enjoy your vacations!
  2. Hi Ángel! The same here please!!!
  3. Angel sponsorship is a great idea I’m totally in!
  4. Hi! I’m for pay a membership fee option. I think it’s the best and fairest. I have had some security issues with paypal, but I will create another account and give it a try
  5. Hello girls, How are you? Do you know where I can find BBO episodes? @purple where did you rewatch it?
  6. Thanks @Angel.and @PAT for all the job you have done in order to keep our wonderful and beloved forum alive! I wish to all members a very happy 2018! May this year bring us more happy and blessed moments, than difficulties
  7. Ustam!!!! Amazing!!!! I love it!!!! :clapping-smiley-face:
  8. Oh Romycim I'm so sorry for you and Mamam! I can imagine how are you feeling now!!!! You are so right, life has it's own ways of teaching us many, many things!
  9. Thanks my dear friends! This have been an amazing experience to me! I really mean it!! And I'm not going any where!!! Special thanks to our transaltors!!!!!, the subs team, the company, friendship, and support!!! Love you all!! :heartshape2: :heartshape2: :heartshape2: :heartshape2: :heartshape2: :heartshape2: I will never forget KPA! It came in a very special time in my life, and it's gone in an another very special moment to me!!!!!
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