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  1. Anyways 20 DAKIKA PEOPLE! Don't hold your selves from watching. I'll probably not be around! But if you make comments on the show I'll be sure to read it and maybe discuss too ​ Have fun watching this amazing series!
  2. HAHA FOUND YOU HANIYA! Buddy! I am right here. I didn't log in for a while then I came back and then you were missing and then we were looking for you and then LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE WITH ALL THESE "AND THENS" Okay fine I won't blame you But we have been looking for you manager. I inform you that you need to visit the playground pronto Because i'm starting some fun there lately at least I think it's fun And in RooMies all Lena and I were doing there were calling out to you Better check that out too. I could have probably posted this somewhere else but this is the only place I found you Haniya buddy! Missed you Hope I catch you online at the same time laterz!
  3. Wow looking at your posts Ruba made me realize how much I have forgotten in Ezel! I should go back an watch some of these parts since I totally don't remember them. I really liked that wedding episode But it was sad. So you reached Dayis death all these events Yup your journey through the Ezel world is almost over unfortunately Hey but you can always watch it again! The episode where Dayi dies is so sad. I loved how they were just sitting on that bench and Ezel was resting Dayis head on his shoulder. I remember those scenes so well! But anyways have fun watching the rest Rubs!
  4. Oh my, you are still all about that Ezel. Move on Haniya! It's over buddy, it's sadly over Sorry for my crime! Oh really? Your screen is shaking? GOOD! Let it shake some more I bet it's doing a nice Sami bey dance right now
  5. Oh yeah. About that Darn I guess it as been a while Sorry Haniya Actually I stopped watching Suskunlar for a while, not that it got bad but I'm taking a break from Turkish series lately. I think if we watch 20 Dakika together I'll get back to the Turkish series watching again. Hey! If you use the Sami bey smiley then I will too! or is only this one the Sami bey one? Well too bad!
  6. I offered to translate things for you! You ungrateful
  7. Oh this is great Lena! You're the best See Haniya! Lenas got you covered!
  8. Weekends are great for me too! I'll bring the cookies!
  9. I said i would translate along the way if we watch live.
  10. I got my Arab dub Hey but if you guys mean watch it live together and stuff then I wouldn't mind translating along the way.
  11. If I find the time then I most certainly will watch too with you guys! This is one of the best series, I wouldn't mind watching it again
  12. My profile is way too messed up :/

  13. KVP That has how many seasons now I would watch it If Berk plays a part in it as well However, I think it's time Berk comes to the forum... looks at the poll and chooses to do something there.
  14. Hey Rubs! You came!! Happy 50th episode of Ezel to you! Make the most out of the rest! I know it's sad thinking that this one great show will come to end one day Hang in there you still have a lot to see! Yeah, I felt bad for young Kenan as well. At that point, he did not deserve to be betrayed by his two loved ones. Ali and Azad! Loved them too Nice predictions of Bade... of course I don't know anything about her I wouldn't want to give you information of stuff before you find out Forget it You bring a good point about Tevfik there. That never occurred to me. It's true he was the only one to accept the fact that he truly loves Sebnem. I see you are getting to the episodes with Sebnem. Those episodes were But you'll figure it all out. Enjoy!
  15. Ezel can't even be compared to others
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