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  1. I can use free VPNs and then I can access I hope I can manage and participate
  2. Yes I have. but I don't want to bother and make trouble coming here is so convenient and easy for me but for the new home I have to use VPNs
  3. this address is fine foe me too. The other address (https://turkishseries.org/index.php) is based on a source that is blocked in my country and I have to use VPN which is inconvenient Dear @Angel. is there any chance to use here (https://turkishshows.createaforum.com/index.php?action=forum) I mean could be other way of accessing to the fourmn?
  4. I've managed to enter with my phone. I want to change the password. I've entered the control panel, we have overview, profile and board prefrences there. where can I change the password?
  5. Hi Dear @Angel. I've forgotten my password so I asked to receive the fixing email. I've received the mail. I've clicked on the link, but I couldn't see how I can define the new password
  6. thank you so much canim. So happy to hear it
  7. ya ... ya ... a new member with thousands of Butterfly feelings in Asfer world
  8. Hi dear Angel Thank you so much. I've experienced the purest feelings of friendship respect kindness and love here. Thank you for every thing for establishing and governing here. I can'r express my sincere feelings by words. Hope I can join and be a member of the community
  9. Dear @Angel. thank you so much for reminding. I felt happy to hear that I have the chance to be sponsored
  10. Thank you Dear Angel I'm over moon
  11. BUT parents had a big role, his father was the reason that Filiz jailed and his mother learnt about the plan in the last Episode of first season. I expected to see the footprints of his father in this marriage also I wanted to see his mother with his new wife and life style. The writers make stories and they forget them first
  12. I've stopped watching BIZIM... from the second season. It's the first time for me to ignore the series that I was watching and move to another one. Each episode I check the progress and feel more satisfied that I've saved my time. Seams that there have some side, filler stories plus a love story that completely has missed it's way. Once i wished to see Barish and Filiz side by side, now I don't have any idea, for me they have ruined the savash/barish (her neyse) character and it is only Filiz (who I don't know why?) is still longing for him would any one tell me that do they have seen the father and mother of Barish in the second episode? They are out of the series???
  13. thank you so much Angel cim Allah senden razi olsun Cok sukur
  14. Engin's magic continues in the times and places out of his imagination. Laura so happy to hear from you. Miss you so much
  15. I have a baj of member M. Thank you canim. God Bless you and everyone participating in this amazing corner
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