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  1. Hello ladies, l’m also using the default blue one Thank you Angel for everything
  2. The series Cruel Istanbul / Zalim Istanbul will begin broadcasting on Monday, April 1, becoming a competitor to such projects as Çukur, Soz, Yasak Elma and Vuslat
  3. Muhteşem İkili dünyada en çok konuşulan ikinci dizi oldu! raninitv Social Wit List: November 2018 World Screen 7 days agoTop Stories Of all the new programs to launch around the world in November, TV Globo’s O Sétimo Guardião garnered the most buzz on social media, according to The WIT. TV Globo’s fantasty novela is set in a village that hides a remarkable oddity: a water source with healing and rejuvenating properties, protected by seven guards. There were some 54,000 Facebook and Twitter comments during the premiere episode, with viewers #LovingTheCreepyVibe but wondering if #MaybeItIsTooScary. There was also talk about the #DelightfulSoundtrack and much #KudosToActressMarinaRuyBarbosa. Kanal D in Turkey debuted Muhteşem İkili to around 43,000 tweets. The police comedy drama follows the investigations led by two opposite cops, Barca, who is part of a unit fighting organized crime on the Asian side of the city, and MKC, a flamboyant cop who occupies the same position on the European side. Viewers tweeting about the #Fun and #FamilyFriendly show thought #ActorIbrahimCelikkolDeservesApplause. The debut of Dynasties on BBC One in the U.K. saw some 21,000 comments. The wildlife documentary series, hosted by world-renowned naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, looks at five different animal species—lions, African hunting dogs, chimpanzees, tigers and emperor penguins—as they set out to build a group, a family, a troop. The #StunningCamerawork in the #HighQualityDocumentary was among the talking points, as was the #BrilliantWorkBySirAttenborough.
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