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    "Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne?" has pretty much been my ONLY interest over the past few years. Having never watched Turkish tv shows before...I didn't know what to expect. But now...having set such a high bar...I'm struggling to find shows of equal calibre...we'll see I guess.

    My favourite Turkish actors are Engin Akyurek, Ibrahim Celikkol, Burak Ozcivit and I guess I'd like watching Kivanc Tatlitug (though I have never viewed any of his Series) Basically anyone that's ridiculously cute :)

    As for the women, Beren Saat is my ultimate favourite actress, but I love love Tuba Buyukustun and Berguzar Korel. The three in which I'd call my holy trinity.

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  1. It's called Ağlaya, ağlaya by Neslihan Demirtaş
  2. She's so adorable. There's a real warmth and approachability that she oozes. The very fact that she's trying to take a 'selfie' with the entire room just made me giggle. She's so cute.
  3. I'm so disappointed to hear this show is cancelled. I'm not really a fan of Farrah, hence I was reluctant to watch it. However when I heard that Fahriye Evcen joined the cast I was super excited, because I'll forever love her from 'Calikusu'. I've yet to watch anything with Kivanc in it either, so this would have been a good foray into his acting. Now I hear the show is cancelled. Why do networks do this, I realize it's all about rating. But they need to gives shows time. Another show I'd been keeping my eye on is also cancelled, Emanet. Poor Mehmet Akif Alakurt, the poor guy can't be in a show that lasts at least 15 episodes. I think the key here, and it's something Karadayi and Kara Para Ask have done from the outset, is to have shows available on the web, especially YouTube. Many Turks are fickle when he comes to tv shows, as you would be because you're constantly bombarded with tv serials, in fact you can't escape them. When they air on tv with ad breaks these shows go for 3 to 31/2 hours...that's a HUGE chunk of time to dedicate to ONE episode of a tv show you may be following. If they all uploaded, neat singular file episodes on YouTube that people could watch, at their CONVENIENCE, people may be able to follow them more readily. That's just my theory. Perhaps there's no money to be made that way? But it hasn't seemed to have hurt Karadayi or Kara Para Ask.
  4. It's amazing what the correct application of make up and some stylng can do. I'm somewhat indifferent to Serenay. I've never watched her in anything nor read anything about her. But I know she did professional modeling. Yet to look at her in this picture next to the beautiful Berguzar I'd be hard pressed to believe that.
  5. Yeah the wide shot of her, holding the bouquet of flowers reminds me of Berguzar.
  6. Of course, she could be . But this would be a very weak basis to launch one's career off. Frankly I don't think she needs it either. Unlike previous times where models Engin's been spotted with have used his name to at least get some press coverage, Tuvana has a pretty solid career trajectory anyway. She's gone from bit parts to a genuine sporting lead in one of Turkey's main dramas, all of this without Engin. If anything I feel her association with Engin could disrupt that course. But of course, this wouldn't be the first time. I mean I remember when Gywneth Paltrow was a nobody when she began to date Brad Pitt after meeting on the set of 'Se7en. For the longest time, despite getting some great roles in films she was always referred to as "Brad Pitt's girlfriend". But I guess there are worse ways to come to prominence. I like Tuvana so, I'd be all for her dating Engin....it's not like I'm going to be dating him anytime soon
  7. To be honest I feel because she's side stepped that question she must be going out with Engin, because if it weren't true, she would just say so. I mean why wouldn't you? If you want everyone to stop incorrectly assuming it? Where as if she IS dating him and wants to keep it private you would give the stock standard response most celebs give of your private life being private.
  8. Nothing much. It just says that Berguzar is one of the actresses in the media that likes to use social media, and that her Instagram account garners a lot of interest. Then it mentions the recent picture she posted with the the statment she made. And unfortunately the wording is even beyond my scope of Turkish . But it's something about an her 'burning the midnight oil' as in being up all night working. It goes on to mention this post received 750 likes within 10 minutes of being posted.
  9. Wow their kid is an absolute combination of the two. He has Berguzar's colouring, but Halit's large eyes...man he's growing up fast.
  10. Oh my god, Engin Altan Duzyatan got married? When ....?? to who? I always wanted him to get back with Ozge Ozpirincci.... I had seen this video of Engin and Kenan dancing a week or so ago, I had assumed they were guests at someone else's wedding, I didn't know it was Engin's!
  11. She is so stunning, I know we're all fans here, so we appreciate her beauty. But I really feel like she doesn't get enough credit for her beauty by the Turkish media, simply because she suffers from the Turkish look of 'brown eyes', 'brown hair'.
  12. Boy their son is growing up quick it seems
  13. You're not alone, to be honest I feel so many people are like that. I really respect the fact that Berguzar works for her body. I mean lucky those who are naturally slim and don't need to work out. But I feel like Berguzar is a real woman's woman. I find it inspiring...just not inspiring enough to get up off the couch myself.
  14. I actually really love this wedding dress ( I have a thing for lacey wedding dresses). But I'm not totally digging Kenan's hair though ... It's neither short and edgey nor the slighter longer style he's worn throughout most of the series...it's that weird 'in-between' haircut.
  15. Yeah I can't say I'm a huge fan of Pantene the shampoo in general but I've discussed this before. They're not alone, I mean every company does it, shampoo or otherwise. And I understand they're going to want to beautify the hair for a commercial, but the extent to which they go astounds me.
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