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  1. @Mihaela Manescu because the new forum is an open forum you could go on the first page at the bottom where it says contact us and send a message to @Angel. ... she will help you
  2. The new forum the user name should have no space ... @Mihaela Manescu You need to right both you names without space in between just as one full name ...
  3. Gecmis olsun Angel dear ... hope you are feeling better and nothing too major ... Take your time no hurry ... don’t stress yourself ... we will wait for as long as it takes ... we are grateful for all that you are doing for us ...
  4. @Angel. ... me too Thank you for looking after us all those years and for many more years to come insha’aAllah you are our Angel May our new forum bring us closer together and bring new members to our family and we see it flourish ...
  5. Hey Angel ... whatever the final decision is I am with the majority ... however I am of the opinion of moving the forum to to a free forum platform even if it is not fancy and very basic ... it is obvious that the membership procedure is not working and the forum is very quite with only a few people participating regularly ... I don’t know why but maybe because there aren’t any really one “hit show” that makes everyone excited to participate... I visit the forum daily several times but I have always been limited with my posts ... but I just love reading everyone else and enjoy being here amongst my virtual friends ... How much do you think it will cost to migrate our content? Today I went and visited our first forum http://forum.whatisfatmagulsfault.com/General-f2223231.html interesting everything is still there although unfortunately some people made it there home for a number of years after we left ... Would leaving everything here be an option if it is too expensive to migrate all the current content or would we loose everything if we leave it here ...
  6. Yes this show needs to end already ... this Hassan is so melodramatic and his acting is too exaggerated and they’re giving him a lot more screen time than the leads ... seriously how could parents allow their children to be so ill behaved and rude yeter ... @QueenLola the sub plot got forgotten ...
  7. Hey Angel canim ... I started watching this show and just finished episode 10 ... love Gulperi and her kids ... Nurgul is perfect for the role of Gulperi ama her role is so similar to her role as Gulseren in Paramparca .... once a Gul always a gul ... Timucin is so natural ... Sema and Eylem ... I swear those two have a check list with all the disasters in this universe and just go through them one by one ... it is so unreal for so many tragedies to happen to the same family and they challenge themselves and make them happen all within 24 hours ... the problem is with those two you know you’re in a non-stop emotional roller coaster till the Veda ... Seyma is disgusting ... how can someone who is educated and studied law to justify being a thief when she stole Neslihan’s necklace ... she’s so twisted ...
  8. This is just awesome ... Bugra and Tugay are brilliant .. just love them ... kudos to the makeup and stylists
  9. Had nothing to watch past two weeks so I started watching this show ... I enjoyed it so much ... Bugra is great and little Beren is so talented ... I knew she would choose her mother ... she so wants to have a mother like all the kids her age ... I will enjoy watching them together ...
  10. I am loving this show ... Kaan is a surprise this role puts him in a whole new league ... Verda and Efe are so cute ... My absolute favorite scene ... and the music ... and Kaan’s wink cherry on the cake ...
  11. I was not planning to watch this show and the poor ratings were a turn off ... but someone posted Toygar’s music and that caught my interest so I decided to give it a try ... i enjoyed that first episode a lot ... I really miss Toygars music ... his music just gives extra dimension and feel to the scenes ... I love Ebru, I’ve seen her before and really love watching her ... Tuna being the Merve Aksak is so true ... i read a comment on Instagram that maybe Meleks father did not die ... Melaka said he was a good swimmer ... i liked Kaan ... he did not get much screen time though ... and Esra was a surprise
  12. He is so cute ... and how much spray do they use on his hair ... I bet more than any of the others on the show He loves taking videos of himself ... he keeps us entertained until the following episode
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