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  1. The beautiful one joined SAKD... All the best...
  2. Finally, my absolute favorite... Aybuke... Ballet... Ocean... Perfection...
  3. VerdaXSahinTepesi My favorite scene;
  4. BaharDoktorXSoz Edition!
  5. The Beautiful Aybuke Black & White Edition!
  6. Sinem

    Alina Boz

    So the wonderful duo from EB; Alina & Alp joined the kids during the World Autism Awareness Day to spread awareness about the disorder. I have so much respect for celebrities who are always there for good causes!
  7. You know what I'm thinking of... a show about strong independent women that includes; Gulper, Burcin, and Ege
  8. When we will hear good news about this beautiful girl!
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