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  1. I liked when they came to Sanem's house to officially ask her for marriage. It was hilarious The rest was meh Anyway, here's for the next one!
  2. What did they leave for the actual episode? They gave it all away. I mean OK, no one is actually expecting a different outcome, there is no suspense at all, but still, the wedding scene is supposed to be the peak of the finale The last 4-5 episodes were so boring and meaningless, I don't expect the final one to be any different. Oh, and the Leyla becoming an Aylin, and the Melihat storylines... why? and who cares? I literally fell asleep during these parts
  3. I don't think BFFs would fight because nothing happened between them. I think it might be the opposite. When people break up they stop seeing each other and this helps them get over it. Whereas them... they are forced to be with each other 12 hours a day, so they fight
  4. Great news! It was about time to end this nonsense, they really really ruined it in the latest episodes. Demet and Can are fighting on set? That sucks
  5. I can't believe scenarists are still using the memory loss plot in 2019 😂
  6. The last scene was good. Finally Yiğit was exposed! And Sanem woman'ed up (as opposed to man'ed up ) and expressed her feelings out loud
  7. The new episodes are so boring (!?) There is absolutely nothing to talk about or look forward to. Like the whole episode tonight revolved around the necklace and the scarf! I would be surprised if it survived until the end of the summer
  8. Actually Before saying bye, I need to write about Onur Saylak, I feel like I have to. It's the first time I see him in anything, and I have to say that he is SO good (?!) But like, really REALLY good (!?!!) If this man had half the looks the other star actors have, he would have literally crushed the competition long time ago. He's a wonderful actor and he made it really interesting for us to watch him despite his very bad character. Hats off
  9. I watched the last episode. Ay Yapim has reached the bottom Bye.
  10. PAT

    Beren Saat

    It means that she was so happy with him, then at some point things changed (he did her wrong in some way but she didn't say how) She cried a lot but after some time she decided to see the good side of things. She thanked him for the love they shared and said she has no regrets or anger no bitterness, that he was worth every tear she shed and she's just grateful for everything. She doesn't understand why people keep asking when she'll get a divorce, marriage was never a thing for her, what matters has always been love. Pretty clear message if you ask me
  11. 2 weeks break is a lot. I haven't nothing left to watch anymore
  12. Well... Kadir says in his own mouth that Zeynep is dead. Can someone please explain to me what was the point of killing her? How does this make the story better or more interesting? This scenario is SO incredibly vain I'm not going to watch it tonight
  13. Me too. Like them divorcing and going to live in separate countries and never seeing them again
  14. If Zeynep gets killed, this would be the worse scenario I ever had to watch. A pile of crap
  15. As much as I'm hating Yiğit from the bottom of my heart -he is disgustinggggggg-, I'm loving Sanem and Can scenes, especially the last one on the boat Finally girl, you showed some character. Please scenarists give Leyla and Emre some action (and we don't need to see it on screen). They've been married for a year but they act like they haven't ever touched each other. Enough!
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