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  1. Canim, I still appreciate my Ibo.
  2. Ibo is advertising Avon's male cosmetics I very much doubt he's using any cosmetics and i didn't know Avon were promoting rough, unkempt beauty...
  3. I really wish actors would start turning down offers despite the competition - lots of pretty faces, if not talent. That would make the channels/producers raise the quality in order to get the best actors - not the best faces, hopefully. If they accept any offers, they will never be respected by the industry.
  4. Olabilir. After the last two pathetic episodes, they knew it was not working. Instead of cancelling the show, they could have tried developing the Ahsen plot line. I understand cancelling a show when you have tried almost everything and it's not working. Or if you have all the story written in advance and you cannot change it. If you are right, this was not the case. They just dropped the show, as if it was nothing.
  5. They don't need to follow SM religiously. But they can check them when the reyting is not good and they want to know what's missing.
  6. I didn't follow the response to the show on social media but I wonder - didn't it show the audience doesn't like the course of the show, the new characters falan? I'm not saying scenarists should follow SM and adapt the story to please the audience at all cost but it is an indicator of the general mood of the public. It's like a barometer. So it must have been clear the number of spectators is going down. They could have gone back to the original concept.
  7. Ahsen got me curious, but they should have tried to incorporate it in the story while keeping the fun element. The Profesor thing was the final blow.
  8. So, they don't care about a show enough to put an effort to make it good, and when they manage to ruin it, they just move to the next. As simple as that?! Actors/resses should boycott this channel!!
  9. For me the biggest problem is not the day but the direction the story took. It was supposed to be a funny show and it was at the beginning. They should have changed the day but stuck to the original concept. I believe there are enough people over there who'd like a funny show with a little drama, without the violence and suffering of many Turkish dizis. Why did the writer or the producer decide the story was not ok, that's why the rating was not very high? It was probably not going to become a hit because it didn't have the necessary amount of violence and tragedy but it had an audience. Last night's episode was unbearable, beating, moaning, suffering. I glanced at the screen from time to time while browsing Pinterest!
  10. The new episode was postponed for next week because of some political... thing. I wasn't sure I'd watch it anyway. I didn't sign up for watching the two male leads being beaten and tortured. Yazik.
  11. I think they strayed from the initial idea of Tnago and Cash - a police comedy. They are introducing chaotically villains and it's not funny anymore, it's not about funny exchanges between Barca and MKC and the rest.
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