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  1. Sth like that. She never appeared, her presence was implied by her calls to her mother.
  2. More or less. The episode was boring and disappointing. Elif did not appear in this and the previous episodes. I wonder why.
  3. A very diplomatic way of saying 'I can't tell you that, you know'. And so far we can say they want more of the same thing. Or that they are bored of the same thing... Both at the same time.
  4. Both Aleyna's goodness and Aysel's meanness have been exaggerated, imo. Maybe the writers were planning to turn both into grey characters, which I would have appreciated, but as there is no time they came up with this. I'm not sure Aysel and Karan will become a couple - Karan may get killed. A 'lived happily ever after' doesn't make sense after that freakish plan of theirs.
  5. I'm really enjoying this dizi, the story has so much potential. I'm gonna miss it.
  6. Well done Nihal! Go and tell the police everything about those two pisliks!!!!
  7. Ohhh I can't wait for Aziz to be humiliated publicly when the truth about Nihal's baby comes out! I want him and Emir to suferrr! My hopes lie with Nihal now.
  8. Pislik vicdansiz serefsiz Aziz! I hope you rot in prison and Aleyna, if alive, never looks at you without contempt. Aysel!
  9. Marrying someone to get back at her father is not illegal. They cannot lock up Karan and Aysel for this. Pity Aziz doesn't realize he's crimes are the origin of this mess. Meral angered me too - her Aleyna is 'melek' while Aysel is 'sheytan'. How about treating Aysel and Nihal as second-rate all those years? But well, she's hasn't found about Aziz and Nihal yet... I don't approve of Nihal but right now I don't feel for Meral.
  10. I really enjoyed Karan punching that serefsiz Aziz. And the marriage announcement. I think Aleyna may be hiding somewhere, punishing everyone who's gone mad with worry: Aziz, Karan, Aysel. It's a good plan.
  11. I like the story but the rating is very low, so they are ending it prematurely. So they had to speed up the events. I don't believe Aleyna's dead. I hope she lives and turns her back to her father and Karan. But I hope she forgives Aysel, if the latter survives, please God. But Aziz must go to prison and I'm afraid Karan will follow him there. If he lives.
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