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  1. They have come by Belgin's car that is why she is there.
  2. Ayten tells Feride that Belgin has a beauty saloon and is a brunetee with short hair yani she is the same girl Feride has seen,she then describes her as a playful vulgar girl not a nobel one,nothing like Feride and her.Yasar has told her that Mahir and Belgin has been in a relationship for a long time and it is not just a simple friendship Mahir saved her life and since that day he keeps going to her beauty saloon.(She says he does not leave her beauty saloon,means he is there all the time)
  3. Thanks my dear Hilal,yes it is her recent photo. I have to listen again,because I don't remember exactly,but I think she said Belgin is so flirtatious.I listen and let you know.
  4. My dear Hilal I like Belgin.You are not the only one but the actress just overdose it ,I mean the flirting jesters.
  5. Not Karas just Mahir..... My plate should have every color...even the bad ones...
  6. I define sexy in my bed.... ...kidding...forgive me my God...
  7. Oh Karadayi is another story..... I found Mahir cok ama cok sexy...especially the new one who has decided to stop worshipping Feride and do some action... I didn't like Kenan's look as Ezel,but I love his look as Mahir,aging suits him well so does moustache.
  8. Which 3 shows? I found Vural the Pislik sexy,Guney the Pislik was annoying but less sexy than Vural.I didn't watch EH just the first episode and it was a disaster and he was not sexy.
  9. No.I meant MY Sinan.....My yummy Bugra.... I think something is wrong with me,I find Bugra and Engin (as Omer) sexy these days.....
  10. Happy OUR day.... I am so excited to see Mahir-Belgin confrontation....(Don't kill me... )
  11. You can be whoever you want our lovely Laura ..Little one has left me no time,me is at the end of the list let alone me having fun...
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