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  1. since it looks none of ma boys are in this dizi, consider me nicely gently and softly informed because i don't like boring sleepy yawn-yawn uyku and her heavy aura of deadly zzzzzzzz :p
  2. oh is cansel still in business? he and gokhan were the biggest question marks on my hot or not list. the dilemma is real
  3. be thy own audience bruh oh my god these are deadly are you guys just trolling or do hair stylists really exist and they're coming to SAK? because by now i could believe anything :p
  4. when karadenizlis romance they fire the guns at each other, still exciting
  5. i love the theme that sounds an awful lot like the çayelinde öteye song. you can hear a bit of it incorporated here in the part 0:08 to 0:14. when it plays i tune out the dialogue that i don't understand anyway to hear it hope they don't get sued though :p
  6. i say dump the children's love stories, i wanna see sevket in love :p
  7. i didn't look at his face, just his lips. they're too pink. how could i not :p
  8. deniz's lips are pink-er than zeynep. fire the makeup lady :p ulaaaaaaa i don't understand most of the dialogue, why am i so stupid
  9. maybe they're actually cheap and the guy gave her the 100 as a big big tip? :p if i visit turkey i'm paying 20 liras a flower max, haberi olsun :p
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