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  1. sinem, stop clicking my name by mistake :P

  2. peri's hometown is dreamier than aeronautics

  3. this profile is still under construction please leave and don't come back ever

    1. Karadayı


      Don't be so sure.

    2. Angel.


      when will it be done?

  4. snickers631

    it's a boy!

    this glorious day marks the birth of my blog that shall serve the purpose of verbalizing my private thoughts and meaningful soliloquies just for the hell of it and i will start by publicly announcing that this smiley is not kissing anybody, do not mistake its pursed lips for those of one who is physically showing affection and or hinting at 'if you know what i mean' if you are mahmouha you will relate.. that aside celebrations shall be held in honor of my baby blog's launch, let the feasts begin!
  5. "Put your thoughts to sleep, Do not let them cast a shadow Over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking." — Mevlana Rumi

    1. Angel.


      You little quote thief! :D

    2. snickers631


      i make them look good :D

  6. “You are such a good friend that if we were on a sinking ship together and there was only one life jacket… I’d miss you heaps and think of you often.” done :P

    1. Angel.
    2. snickers631


      now shoot the other task :D

    3. Angel.


      you only quoted on MY profile...didn't you -.-

  7. Where are you Snickster???????????????

  8. erdo get out of my profile :D leave my sig alone :D

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    2. Angel.


      me messing with your siggy is the only action your plain and boring *ss profile ever gets.... You should thank me :D

    3. snickers631


      you just can't see all the cool stuff and status updates because of the new privacy policy i got going :P

    4. Angel.


      You got zero, nada, zilch, niente, tipota, hic... you faker. Let me be your manager, I can make you a star, kid! :P

  9. snickers631

    Day 1

    well there goes all my likes
  10. erdo i've got wonderful news

  11. hey erdo :D

    1. Angel.


      hey Sneaky! :^) What trouble are you getting into?