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  1. Finally her hair is getting longer & she’s looking More like the old Tuba.
  2. Poor Beren she’ll be chased everywhere now with all these questions
  3. Oh yeees FINALLY Pat is it for sure? When & what is this dizi? He’s adorable & a pretty boy
  4. YUMMY He ages like FINE wine
  5. wow he really looks like Kenan Bey, maybe a nephew or first cousin. Whoever he is he’s GORGEOUS like my Stud.
  6. WOW so much hostel & anger. Nobody is forcing you to watch it. Relax & enjoy life.
  7. Hi Queencim, I hope this is true. Any subs on Episode 5?
  8. WHY ??????? I was getting used to it, ufffff I waited 3 yrs for Kenan Bey to return. I hate these stupid raytings Maybe they should turn it around from the history part a little & throw in a love story in there.
  9. Thank you Queenie, I just finished watching Ep.3. Very Nice Except Melik Same old "Zeynep" in Kara Sevda
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