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  1. I have so much respect for his acting. I was going to stop watching this dizi around 10 but his character kept me watching until the end.
  2. Finally her hair is getting longer & she’s looking More like the old Tuba.
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else like the way Cansiz talks in his creepy voice
  4. Poor Beren she’ll be chased everywhere now with all these questions
  5. Even good old Walt Disney himself would have Mickey & Minnie kiss better then Kerem & Kadir
  6. Oh yeees FINALLY Pat is it for sure? When & what is this dizi? He’s adorable & a pretty boy
  7. Ablacim I feel the same. They haven’t convinced me yet. I just don’t feel it yet hopefully it will change soon. As for Kadir with his mom that was sooo good I LOVED IT. Kadir & Zeynup strike me as best friends more than lovers.
  8. I’m very curious as why does Canjez hate Kadir after isn’t he his son? Another thing they destroyed Kerem & Cemre. They were sooo cute. Personally I think they were getting more popular than the main couple,
  9. I finished watching episode 12, let me confess & take my words back Kivo is BACK, great acting this episode redeemed him. He must have espn from this site & our conversations
  10. YUMMY He ages like FINE wine
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