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  1. Helen

    Beren Saat

    I respect her for her bravery to stand by her believes ,no matter what she did not bent .She's more brave that most of them .
  2. Helen

    Beren Saat

    << Beren Saat for me is more of a man than many of her colleagues.>> I wrote this yesterday (in Murat Yiltirim )before you posted this terrible news. I'm happy she keeps acting according to her beliefs.
  3. Dear Leyla ...I'm not talking about the night of the military coup. I'm talking about what is happening in Turkey now. Go to Beren Saat chapter ,and tell me that's even if the slightest possibility exists that they will pass a law so revolting for little girls does not make one's head spin. Does such a law not makes one's mind restless, what up next for women in Turkey ,every person in his right mind would be worried. It's disgusting.
  4. I'm disappointed by many actors, not because they support Erdogan everyone's free to have his own beliefs. I'm disappointed because many of the actors that now are openly with Erdogan are the same actors who were protesting against him in the square. And now that so many intellectual people journalist ,writers are in prison, now that he's talking of bringing back the death penalty to be all smiles next to him feels not right. To name some who were in the front line in the demonstrations a few years back Halit Ergenc and his lovely wife Berguzar ,Kenan İmirzalıoglu ,Murat and many more ......look at them now . I can understand there is much fear in Turkey because if you show a little bit of skepticism for his acts, you can wake up in jail. But still show some integrity to your own beliefs. Beren Saat for me is more of a man than many of her colleagues. As for Engin I have never seen him in any political act I don't care if he's against Erdogan or if he's defending him, that's not my point. ( But in my heart I would like to think he's a person who believes in democracy.) As I said before everyone is free to believe what they want, what I can't stand is to go where the wind blows out of fear for losing what, fame, and money. When you know other people lost their freedom or will lose their life. I have seen many theoretical objections to democracy ( the last one in the face of Trump ) but still it's the best way to govern a country. Sorry if I'm out of place or if someone feels offended by my opinion ,that wasn't my intention.
  5. Now here is a series that I really find interesting. I like the acting of all the women from the old lady till the little girl they are all great ,and the story has so many layers. Bravo to Cansu Dere for staying away for so long till she found a really good series to make her come back with a story that is not your typical boy meets girl love story. Thumbs up.
  6. That's the beauty of conversation,to hear and to see things from another point of view. I'm so happy we see things different,but at the same time we all are able to accept and understand ,our friends opinion . Love it too.
  7. Laura .........thank you what a moving story
  8. Elif did not leave Omer because of his job,she left him because she felt his job changed him . After his last act ,( Omer forcing Tayyar to commit suicide) ,Omer was not the same man anymore towards himself ,or to her ,their link was broken . She felt that in the way he acted in the way he looked at her,she left hoping he would wake up and understand that too. Omer knew he was wrong and it bothered him too,but he tried to act like everything was as before. Elif leaving him slowed him down,and in the end made him confess to himself he was wrong and that it's not okay to break the rules when it suits us . Yes he broke the law before but he did not hurt anyone ,he was protecting the innocent. Yes in the end ,he still felt he had to do it ,but still that doesn't make it right ,that's why when he was looking to find Elif he did not want to use his power as a policeman to find her by breaking the law ( listening in to Asli's phone calls ). Elif loved Omer so much she was not willing to stay with him if they were not completely one in body and soul. And on the side of Elif she too needed time to go back to normal ,to many things happen to her she needed time to calm down. When she left Omer she was heavily charged emotional,and she thought he would follow her . That's why she and Asli where angry at him . If she had left him for good why wait for him to come after her. And yes she was afraid because his job is so dangerous,but she was more afraid of the change she saw in his behavior,that's why she left . When he found her ,and she saw him looking at her ,she felt he was her Omer again ,that's why in the end we see them hand in hand together, stand up to injustice . all my friends
  9. Wednesday....and no Omer and Elif ....I wanted to see what happens next with their life . I didn't had enough of those two Bring them back.....subito.
  10. Thank you Lorelai Thank you Ruqaya This is another thing I will miss a lot your reviews. Thank you my friends for the time you took to write down your thoughts. I enjoyed reading all your reviews,in this forum we have many wise persons.
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