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  1. I have no idea why it was sitting inside a quote...................I must be having one of those days......lol
  2. Hi everyone. I've been a little busy after Hurricane Michael. We were very lucky and went without power for 6 days. I made my husband buy a generator before the storm so we had power to run essentials (fridge/freezer/fans). We didn't have phone service or internet service for 5 days. We had trees fall on our fence and break it and my husband's shop had a huge tree fall across it and broke the beams. Our neighborhood road was not passable because trees were all across it. Luckily no trees fell on our house. I feel very lucky because places about an hour away from us were devastated and people have no place to live. If you pray please keep them in your prayers. I watched most of the episode today and I have mixed feelings. I do love all of the actors though. I will be able to judge more when I can watch with subtitles. If anyone here finds the episode translated please share with me. Thank you!
  3. @QueenLola Thank you! I'm glad to be here! I agree Sanem thinks she preventing Can from being heartbroken by not telling him, but in reality she's only prolonging the inevitable. Yes it's going to hurt him, but I would think of it as a way of protecting him from his brother. If she is forced to tell him or it comes from someone else it will only hurt him more. Girl needs to get ahead of it now.
  4. Who thinks Sanem should tell the truth about Emre and her part in it? I think she should tell him now. It would be better coming from her and not someone else. The engagement ring sitting in Can's bedroom is like a ticking time bomb.
  5. Kara Para Ask was the second Turkish series that I ever watched. It will always be one of my favorites and one that I can go back and watch again from time to time.
  6. I'm late to the party, but I'm watching Gunesi Beklerken right now. I'm almost finished with the series and I'm enjoying it very much.
  7. Kiralik Ask is my favorite Turkish Series of all. I too go back and watch episodes from time to time. QueenLola can you tell me the name of the series that you posted above with Seçkin and Elçin in it? I've never heard of it. I'm said to hear about Ferdi Merter.
  8. I think with age Can Yaman is becoming better looking and he definitely needs to keep his hair longer. I have one pic that is an exception to that and I chose it for my profile pic. I think it's one of his better pics.
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