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  1. I started the show a week ago and I watched 16 episodes so far! I couldn´t stop! it is so good...love the scenery, all the landscape, brilliant acting...very emotional...I´ll start with Poyaz Kayarel so I´m stopping this one for a while...but really nice...love Tuba´s acting...I didn´t like her so much in Cesur ve Güzel as in Asi...
  2. Hi girls! I watched til episode 15! are you enjoying the show? I love the actors...also the youngest ones...they are so talented...I love especially young Narin!
  3. ouffff!!!! they both looked so beautifu therel...he never spoke before but when he started he gave it all omg...he didn´t dare even touching her hand...really it was so frustrating hahaha but worth it...even...I would have like to see some more kisses and passion...but they decided to show us few scenes..
  4. oufffffff delicious painful scene hahahaaha fantastic! reply and reply non stop moment...sus Cemre sus!
  5. me too now...poor Cemre...it was devastating seeing her...I love the song she sang too there...do you which one is it? Kuzey was so much shocked...what a suffering with those two ouffff...but how nice Yes, it would have been wonderful to have watched it when airing! but also very lucky to watch and watch lot of episodes as a dramathon hahaha...I follow some IG accounts dedicated only to this show and they publish 1 min short videos that delight myself
  6. So beautiful! thanks for sharing! every time I see it and it´s like first time...they seem so natural...look at Cemre´s eyes...all emotion....love them! forever! I watched it maybe one year and half ago...and I still need my weekly dose even of short videos...I´m a new member so since it is my favourite show I´m checking KG posts no matter if they are old...for me they are new hahaaha
  7. I´m watching the proposal now lol
  8. Bende!! how nice to find people who love the show, especially Kuzey so much too!
  9. Raquel


    Why I like all Turkish songs?? is it normal?? hahahaha I´m going to watch epis.3 Dip is my top at the moment!
  10. Yes, thank you @Nisan I´m more than happy having the possibility to watch it with Spanish subs! I´ll check whether it´s dubbed or subbed! but happy yes! I have such a long list of shows to watch! hahaha
  11. Thank you dear! Not available in Netflix Spain, unfortunately...but thanks! I keep asking Netflix to include Turkish shows ;-)
  12. Thanks so much, Angel!! I love watching it with English sub but I´m Spanish, so super happy to watch it too!! I have so many shows to watch now hahahaha
  13. I´m a bit late for this thread hahahaha but can somebody tell me if I can still watch the show with English subtitles, please? A Greek friend of mine, who watched told me it is one of her favourite shows. Thank you dear people!
  14. I just started watching "Dip" and I´m loving it...some of my friends told me about "Poyraz Karayel" as best show ever! looking forward watching it too!
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