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  1. I loved that scene thank you for sharing.
  2. He looks great and really hope he'll be back to TV with a new project this fall.
  3. Well, Turkish dizis normally use the emotional roller-coaster to go on and on for more than one or two seasons! I would love to but with my crazy life I can only watch films before going to bed. But I am going to watch the episode when the show starts and going to read the comments and join our discussions. Already miss waiting for the fragman, summery and isleme days and the posts and comments. Normally I watch a show when it's over or at least the first season is over. FHVK was my first time watching an ongoing show and AA will be my second, all because of Caglar and our lovely forum! I have started counting the days!!
  4. He looks terrific in his selfie. @Sandy do you watch Yasak Elma? Off topic here but would it hurt if I said I don't like ZeyAl at all? I have only watched a couple of episodes and found the girl too unreliable in a relationship and the guy too unstable. Now only watch it for Caner and Emir until Afili Ask begins.
  5. Looks like he hasn't completely let go of Yagiz Egemen! 😊 Yagiz will always have a special place in our hearts too.
  6. I haven't watched the show but was hoping his new character has some "Feti" in him. It was not only his looks, Feti's unique character attached me to EyFet. But now he is the lead of his show and if the ratings go up it will be a huge success, even good for his future career.
  7. Told you his new show is promising!😊 Especially on such a hard day. He is indeed a great actor.💖
  8. Ratings is becoming a nightmare for both actors and fans. Fans get attached to their favorite shows and actors need it because that's what they do for a living. BTW everyone seems excited about Leke! 😊
  9. Not ready to let Fethi go! but have read many good comments about his new show. Wish him luck.
  10. Only the characters' names or the dizi name may change as well? It would be interesting if the female lead was really a naughty bad girl for once. Would make the show different from typical Turkish dizis.
  11. So much I believe...he's a champion now! I am still wondering if the training has something to do with his career.
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