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  1. i thought he is working with engin in new dizi seferin kizi? or i understood it wrong, he was considered before engin for role? anyways ibo finally is going to be ay yapim dizi, working with hilal saral... i hope plot will be promising one.
  2. agreed.. i saw his acting for the first time in this one and he really impressed with his talent. his dynamics with kadir, zeynep and even cansiz is what that made me stick to this dizi till end. otherwise i would have it left it long ago..
  3. Anyways,we made it through this crazy journey with these writers.we remained persistant in this thread i enjoyed episodes so much with you in live watch every week and shared our fangirlling on alperen and veli
  4. complete sacma...without zeynep there was something missing in the end.they looked so incomplete.aylin deserved to have her mother beside her. and kadir too. he lost his wife, daughter and then anne. atleast he should have one person (zeynep) who loved him to be there for him in the end. i am so disappointed. ay yapim should get rid of sadistic writers
  5. veli has done something good in the end... i like it.. better than killing him
  6. irony is veli kidnapped aylin in 1 episode and saved her in last epi.
  7. kadir-veli kardeslik..vayy be!! writer has decided to redeem veli
  8. only in hospital they were together... didn't come across any other scene than that
  9. she is dead.. about veli i still can't believe it... i am still thinking they have staged it.. veli can't be dead like that...such a quick exit..
  10. ay yapim is promoting too much violence in thier dizis. all plots include guns, mob violence, mafia etc, for a change they should produce some light rom com tv series.
  11. veli and kadir blowing everyone brains out who is not telling them cansiz whereabouts...
  12. zeynep is dead... i am so pissed at Ali aydin, does he really have to kill her too poor Kadir i won't be surprised if he commit suicide just like in epi 2. he has lost all his loved ones
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