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  1. any speculations behind their breakup? they have been togethor for many years btw
  2. I can't wait to see him onscreen. plot and everything related to it sounds promising but downside is that production team has selected Kanal D for it as it is a proven jinx for majority of the dizis.i wish they could consider other channel.
  3. Sending love to all those members who are sponsoring us Eyvallah yani!!
  4. kuzgun ratings are quite decent i don't think its on the verge of cancellation
  5. its the third dizi of hande which is facing low ratings i think...before this one, can kirklari also had the same fate
  6. To be honest it is giving me american tv series revenge vibes..
  7. even for a quick end you need creativity which this dizi writers completely lacked. so many sidestories left unattended.. barca and mkc dont even know that ella was there for revenge and she is ahsen actually...plot has been wasted on her character...what about the happy ending of barca- nilufer or mkc -yagmur... everything was done in so rush..folks on twitter were quite unhappy and slamming writers... they just thought to end this series by giving us fighting shooting ferhat oriented scenes... i hope it will be a lesson for all four actors for considering their future projects... the funny thing is even ozge didnt bother to watch her own dizi last episode.. she was with serkan and that other actor to watch halka episode..
  8. i think the medyapim production house is really doing great. which initially i thought was going to produce average rating dramas but it even surpassed ay yapim.
  9. feeling bad for all four stars.. especially ibo, after SBA he deserved a better chance with some top production house and sound plot.instead it all went downhill
  10. @Joanne loved it, i didn't know about the song. i thought it was only a soundtrack..
  11. its a soundtrack from lale devri dizi, one of my favorite too. here is the link, enjoy!!!
  12. i watched some scenes from youtube and they did try hard to improve,i noticed some improvement in background music as well.. but tbh i have started to lose interest in it dnt know the exact reason inspite of me being the diehard fan of Ibo, his character didn't click that much as i was expecting in the beginning.
  13. apart from their marketing strategy, i think this dizi plot failed to capture the audience attention, so no matter which day they had selected it wouldn't have been useful.
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