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  1. Hey all, was away for a month or so and missed my 6 month membership renewal payment so I am making a small donation to compensate. I hope the migration goes as planned.
  2. I liked the 5th episode so much. ratings are not improving and the next episode will be aired without an ozet. Is it the beginning of the end ? I hope they will be allowed some more episodes at least till the end of the season to tell (a bit more of) their story. That would give us what ? 3 more episodes ? Still not enough but hayat iste. Is it me or Emir was slightly flirting with Aleyna when she asked him to keep a secret ? he said "if it's you, then yes (I would like to keep secrets)" or something like that I can see them planning to make Emir Alayna's rebound if Karan lets her down They didn't pick a handsome man in vain (but for some reason and even before he even started to act like a jerk, I couldn't see him as attractive. He has a weird handsomeness, a repulsive one yani) Berrin and Aleyna are the most entertaining characters so far, in this episode. Karan is a bit dull with Aysel, can't like their romance I have a problem with Karan logic but a bigger one with Aysel Karan is directing his revenge against an innocent girl, whom only fault is to be Aziz daughter. And he will even harm Aysel through his unplanned plan of revenge but at least, Karan didn't chose his father and didn't chose to go through the drama of a parent suicide and nearly losing the second due to sorrow While Aysel could have chosen to cut links with her aunt family, she may hate her past and what she went through as a child, but how can she justify still being friends with Aleyna with all that hate inside of her ? You like social justice ? fine. Take yourself and stay far of Aleyna, enjoy your job (a one you deserve because you'll surely find a job you are worthy for, you don't need Aziz favor) and stop blaming Aleyna for the world's inequalities. But staying close to a person while you are having this double faced behavior is innacceptable. and the fragman is still showing Aysel obsession with Aleyna. She's that attached to Karan, even shouting she loves him, out of jealousy that the man is interested in Aleyna. I was not fond of the love stories already but now they are hurting my ears Aziz is still the same Aziz and Nihal still the same Nihal. In a parallel world where I would have to write the continuation of the story, Nihal will totally ditch that $$$$$$le of Aziz and start slowly working on improving and being a life coach for Salah. She will boost his inner confidence, she will help him get a better job, she will stop lying, she will regret what she was doing and start a new page, she will learn the real value of people and she will fall in love with Salah and then money could come to them (or not) and they will both have a better life, even if it all started by manipulation. In a parallel world, I would love seeing a character liek Salah stop being the cliché of the naive neighbor whose only role is to be the village foul and actually start a humble love story from it. What Berrin couldn't have done with Veli (since Berrin is blinded by money), Nihal would succeed doing it (of course, I am neglecting the fact that Nihal is what she is now and I buying her a new brain). Please more Berrin, more Fondok, more Aleyna and more Veli. looking forward to 6Th.
  3. A very nice show. I binge watched the 4 episodes in 3 days, after hesitation, due to the low ratings. Well they are still low and I doubt there would be a second season so trying to enjoy what we get. The theme may seem classic : revenge and love, rich and poor but it's all but not stereotypical writing. The poor are not victims or angels here. The revenge is very questionable (and directed to the wrong persons). Only the love is a bit cliché and not convincing enough (I still don't get if Karan is supposed to be in love or not with Aysel. In any case, he has more chemistry imo with Aleyna). Berrin scenes are always funny. Nihal is the show's naivest character. It's not Aleyna who is naive. the show has a certain quality : directing, writing, cast... and ratings are unfair.
  4. This is a weird teaser, we don't get enough narration before characters start to scream, so we kind of see too much but nothing is clear. Not comfortable to hear Damla high pitch neither. I am not a big fan of Damla, and this teaser doesn't help. Let's see what will come afterwards and hope this teaser doesn't represent the show quality ...
  5. Because it will start on June. Most of the summer shows are rom coms. And if they have success, they prolong it after September and the story becomes more dramatic. I know only few non rom com series that started in the summer (elimi birakma, nefes nefese.) •·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·••·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·••·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·••·.·´`·.·•·.·´`·.·• Hahaha that's really a mistery. Maybe he will play a Mafia man or a coach or since the girl is a bad girl, he will be a bad one too, involved in fights and all
  6. There is no consensus about her. Some say she's good some say she's average. I watched her in Gunesin Kizlari , she was Hande Ercel sister and she was paired with Berk Atan. I liked her a lot in that role, she was good in the comedy scenes and she was even better in the drama ones. I think she's fit for the rom com type. I can see chemistry between Caglar and her onscreen. If she plays a character close to her character in GK, it would be nice Trivia : she played in Aslan ailem TRT1, and was paired with the actor who now plays the lead in Hercai, Akin Akinozu.
  7. More news about this seemingly confirmed upcoming project : yapim : ARC Yapim (they did bozkir which aired on blu TV) writers : Baris Erdogan (short movies for international festivals) + Ilker Arslan (tatli intikam) Director : Serdar Gozlekli (bizim hikaye First season, it's enough that you smile) start date : 3rd week of June plot : Zeynep, due to a misunderstanding or someone's plotting against her, will be tricked into marrying Kerem. nothing more at this stage about the characters nor the rest of the cast.
  8. again, rumors about upcoming projects below, a tweet about him turning down an offer to play in "the rich and the poor" (it was Gokhan who will play it) and yesterday I saw a Rumor about an upcoming project with Kanal D (but nothing more was said about the project , neither name, nor yapim, nor writer, nor even a date of shooting or release). I don't like Kanal D quality of shows. Lately they are not having top spot for their shows, nor necessary promotion for it. The only "successful" show they have now is Arka Sokaklar on friday, and that's because it's a long running show that people got attached to, no matter how "normal" the production and writing (and even acting) are. And they also choose the wrong days, i.e. they chose thursday for MI wheras Carpisma was also on Thursday. but let's see, maybe it's just a Rumor and maybe the show will break the curse of Kanal D.
  9. Birand Tunca and him look like brothers hey directors, please think about it
  10. that guy Adolf is not very reliable. and the guy whose name was mentionned in the first publication "Murat" said he's not aware of a work where he (Murat) would be involved. but it could only be Caglar who was contacted and not Murat. I also think those videos are not for nothing, i.e. he's not just making us updated of his sport routine but probably keeping attention on him, to announce shortly an action centered dizi Alp Caglar would be perfect, I love that guy ideas. This being said, if he's already preparing for those action scènes (I recall Cagatay underwent the same when preparing for Muhafiz), the dizi is not for september but earlier, september is in 6 months and he's practicing since two months at least. So probably filming would start soon for later broadcast (for exmple finishing filming in june and air it in september ?)
  11. The new pictures are so nice the IG page of the University https://www.instagram.com/okanuniversitesi/?hl=fr other winners include Oktay Kaynarca, Birce Akilay, Jessica May, Simge Sayin(singer), Murat dalkilic, Osman Sinav (all fo them who came) and Beren the child actress in Kizim (who sent a video) I still don't get why so many unversities give awards for artists (my guess is that those universities want to became known, private schools and stuff) (and not only universities but also NGO and associations do the same, for their famous sponsors/ to get more attention to the voluntary work done by them and raise funds) but it's a nice opportunity to value Caglar work and to get to us updated pictures of him
  12. I am planning to check this one out. Waiting for subs I see some familiar faces, the girl from Ates Bocegi and Kordugum, The Hande mother from Hayatimin Aski Kanald is awful in promotion and stuff. They are so poor this year in new dizis field. let's hope Yuzlesme breaks the curse
  13. it's tuesday !!! he should go to his krav maga training if I followed right the fans pages, he goes every tuesday and thursday (or we get fooled with old pictures ? ) hadi give me new picture, Mr Coach
  14. she's so beautiful and classy an angel smile I hope she doesn't take a break after IG and comes back with a new dizi (though I doubt it, 2 years and a half, she will probably take a year at least)
  15. Always the same splendid actor and man I missed talking about him with you girls I hope you are doing well and I need probably to read the 130 pages I have missed I've always kept following his news outside the forum and was happy when he shared the picture of Mercedes Benz ad, it suits him a lot, now we need a video for the ad I saw he added the name of the agency and the name of Sebnem for international enquiries !!!
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