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  1. I laughed so hard when I saw the pic. All dressed up, serious, sexy, misterious and then...Caglar being Caglar. This is one of the reasons I love him so much. Let the memes begin. YagHaz fans are still not over.
  2. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    His love for animals is amazing
  3. The first trailer tonight! Can't wait!
  4. No, canim, you are free to say whatever you want. I like ZeyAl, but you need to see more episodes to understand the reason for her lack of trust and his instability. I find them cute, but I know they are not everyone's cup of tea, so no problem. And yes, Caner and Emir are life. Btw, @Azalia I hope you are going to join us for AA live watching. We need to reunite the old FHVK gang. I really miss those days.
  5. I looveee his look, it's so fresh. Plus his perfect eyes and smile.
  6. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    I'm confused right now. Some say there is a season 3, some say it might end with season 2. There are also rumours of new characters in s3 and old characters leaving, but NOT main characters. Tbh, it's better to end the whole show here. The story has no more to offer and I don't want to see ZeyAl separated, divorced, fighting over exes. It's better for them to leave, but together. I don't want to think about the other possibility. What have you done, Onur bey? You freaked us out!
  7. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    That's what I'm afraid too. And I just started to like them. If it's true, then I hope they agree to leave the show together and give ZeyAl a happy ending. I can't stand another favourite couple being ruined. But unfollowing the show is pretty much a confirmation that he's out. Let's see what happens to Sevda.
  8. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    I'm ok with both of them leaving. We don't need sacma again now that they are married. But I hope Sevda leaves too. If she's not, then I'm afraid they will kill off Alihan and I cannot stand that. Btw, he unfollowed YE on twitter.
  9. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    Omg, what is this? Tell me he's not leaving the show!!!And if he does, then I hope Sevda leaves too.
  10. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    I'll jump into the water just to be saved by him. I'm already crazy, no turning back.
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