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  1. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    God of Sun and Blue Waters
  2. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    I know @Joanne! Happy b-day to my maviiii! Stay handsome, daddy shark!
  3. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    He's waiting for vacation
  4. Sandy

    Forum Offline

    I agree with whatever you decide and think it's the best. About the forum being fancy, yes, it looks great this way, but the most important are the people who join. I guess we can fit anywhere as long as we are together, right?
  5. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    He started shooting the new movie. He seems to be a rich gentleman again. This classy look suits him so well. @QueenLola you check all threads except for this one. Get in here and look at Daddy Shark being gorgeous.
  6. Burcu is pretty tall, I haven't noticed it
  7. Oh, guzelimmm I know I said it a million times, but he is absolutely gorgeous. I get lost in his beautiful eyes.
  8. I need a translation of the interview Caglar's eyes don't look like this, so no...forever blueee My two boys are mavis.
  9. @QueenLola look at my other mavi here. He is gorgeous.
  10. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    He seems in a hurry to meet his destiny...
  11. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    Is this Onur's niece? Her name is Zeynep, that's a cute coincidence.
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