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  1. According to reports Ibrahim and his wife are expecting a baby boy and they choose the name Ali for their future son
  2. its all over the media, and i believe it Serenay had an event today and didnt deny it, and honestly when she didnt show up to his h&m event i knew something was up
  3. its a singning competition
  4. rumour has it Ibrahim and his wife Mihre are expecting their first child together, rumours are based on Ibo following on instagram a famous Fertility specialist and Gynecologist
  5. salma

    Kuzey Güney

    hi, is there anybody who knows were i can dowload the french dubbed version of the show ? it runs under the name "Freres rivaux" on the channel Polynésie la 1ère or is it available on streaming cause i cant find any
  6. Birce will come back on Kanal D with a new project not a dizi but some tv program
  7. more news, seems like the new project is a movie not a dizi, i think its a great move MK just ended brutally he better do smth different and Ibo do good in movies i watched him in Sadece Sen in he was great
  8. Ibo started meeting with TMC for a new project !
  9. This was such a terrible ending, i hate it its not clear like an open end but very badly done, thi show had so much potential but the airing day killed it before the script... i hope to see Ibo, kerem and Oyku in their new respective shows soon
  10. A crew member confirmed the cancellation news 😣 i feel sorry for the cast and crew who did an amazing job Another great dizi bite the dust thanks to Kanal D's poor strategy they killed the show from day one ....
  11. New fragman is here and its official Mert Barca has morphed to Ferhat Aslan and i like it
  12. i just saw the fragman and it seems to Mert Barca morphed suddenly to Ferhat Aslan lol
  13. another new share from BS and a very sleepy Fero, i wonder how much they cut in this scene
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