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  1. Thank u @Angel. for the new home ! I have trouble to log in, i tried foegot password but i wont get anything in my email as it gives me a message that the form is invalid 😥 i just sent u a PM with a new email if it can help get my account on the new forum
  2. thank you @Angel. for all your efforts to keep this community alive, i've known this forum since the FSN days so it feels like a little farewell and a new begining somewhere else
  3. its rumoured Ibo's new show will be named "the lone wolf" and they say Burçin will be his co star
  4. according to ranini Ibo will have a new project with AY Yapim, the scenarist will be Sema and the director is Hilal Saral this sound really good !
  5. salma

    Onur Tuna

    this dude knows he is hot and he enjoys showing it lol no mercy for us poor souls
  6. the power of the SBA fandom is still here ! one year later we are trending on our one year anniversary
  7. salma

    Onur Tuna

    i havent seen any of Onur's work but saw a few clips, his voice might not be the best sounding one but damn he is a fine specimen
  8. Happy one year anniversary to the finale of our show and AsFer ! I cant believe its been a year already !
  9. Media didnt pick up this story but allegedly there is a conflict between Birce and her mother about her coming back to Can Tunali again, it reached the point of Birce's mom to delete her and block her daughter from instagram and also seems like the rift between mother and daughter pushed Birce to move out of her house to stay at some friends, Birce even commented on her friends insta account thanking her foe being her new family in the hardest days of her life ...
  10. According to reports Ibrahim and his wife are expecting a baby boy and they choose the name Ali for their future son
  11. its all over the media, and i believe it Serenay had an event today and didnt deny it, and honestly when she didnt show up to his h&m event i knew something was up
  12. its a singning competition
  13. rumour has it Ibrahim and his wife Mihre are expecting their first child together, rumours are based on Ibo following on instagram a famous Fertility specialist and Gynecologist
  14. salma

    Kuzey Güney

    hi, is there anybody who knows were i can dowload the french dubbed version of the show ? it runs under the name "Freres rivaux" on the channel Polynésie la 1ère or is it available on streaming cause i cant find any
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