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  1. Hope its true . At this point I want him back with any series , any actress dont care [
  2. They both look very comfortable with each other
  3. Thats such a great news I am missing him badly . Guys just look at his expressions sooooooo cute man
  4. May the soul rest in peace. For me Illker is poyraz thts how real he played that character .
  5. @Malika Special thanks to malika for sending me the link of the movie
  6. Ahhh so beautifully written . After reading this post want to watch the movie again . But the movie is a bit slow and you need to watch it attentively to not miss a single moment. This article help me a lot
  7. Finally somebody watched it from our enginitas . Hoping to watch it soon Please please PM me too malika
  8. Ohh really well its hard to digest that Alyena could even harm an insect forget about people around herself. Well if they want to portray Alyena negatively they should do that from the starting of the dizi whats this last minute changes in her character just to justify Aysel and Karan behaviour . I agree with the bold part Dont underestimate our Alyena Didnt you notice how wonderfully she wash the carpets
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