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  1. I Loved the whole episode, after a long time watched it without skipping. It was so good, visually refreshing, loved the way it started, recreation of their meeting and whole storyline. It was emotional but still traces of some laughters. Also loved canem's scenes but Can's hair is a problem for sure.. He definitely looks the way.. @zaini posted above.I think some some shots/angles were good but most of them were not working for Can but I hope he will look into this matter since he is not going to live in a boat any more... Enough with caveman theme. I really liked Demet, she has good timing for comedy for sure but here she has done this serious and emotional stuff gracefully. JJ and MUzo combo, and Aziz are nicely done but I could not figure out this Yigit... not very convincing character.
  2. Dire need of hairbrushes here Previous episode and now these fragmans have made me emotional, that intense and emotional vibe is still there and especially the lovely music, looking forward to the new era. Loved the boat scene with aeriel shot and water sound.
  3. It is amazing that they have crossed 38 episodes and are very confident of new changes, luck is on their side in this barbaric dizi world. Skip the silly changes but I am looking forward to Sanem being famous.
  4. Liked it this new teaser as.. 'Mute screaming Karan style' "his eyes were screaming on this injustice and he was about to burn the world" or atleast give some rash. and I am hoping to see some dark smiles of Gokhan
  5. Such a TEASER , seems fragman 2 of episode # They are displaying female leads' screaming capabilities For Gokhan, I hope this is some intentional thing then he goes somewhere and redo this and that and comes back for revenge
  6. I have to see last two and half episodes yet.. cok ayip for my EK love. But after watching some clips I have a discovery that Emre/leyla is a NO for me... Writers! Have some mercy on Osman.
  7. I am wondering if they go back to the party after this toilets scene or somewhere else, Can always leaves parties early so there is a possibility! What if they go to Can's place and find Mevkebe
  8. Hi girls! Yes, It was a silly and it is becoming static but they are still easy on the eyes. I want to appreciate the scene where Sanem gives the perfume to Can, loved it, what they said to each other and meaning behind it and the poem, .... actually I always enjoy their talks and the cofirmations they ask from each other about what they are actually talking. This episode proves that the whole Mahalle ladies have more open eyes then company staff. No idea, why the writers choose to give Osman less screen time or story, give the poor boy some more.. enough with chopping meat and making kebabs. Emre has become a big rat or rat power 10
  9. AH, Can was supposed to save his father & company's reputation, not to bankrupt it. Though I liked the last scene alot but tbh I was hoping something different, like at some point Can makes peace with this idea as this perfume is only a part of her and he loves the complete package and he asks Sanem to go for it. I liked dynamics of Sanem, Deren and Can
  10. Maybe she is Bambi's mother and informing Can personally that he got the job Ah.. that makes her Can's teyze
  11. Lovely episode, we can say Baya baya iyiiiiiii 30 uninterrupted mins of Canem + whole episode it was fast, capturing the whole attention, I do not have long history with turk dizi, but keeping past experience, after 19 episodes we are still happy with the writers is something Can's reluctance was reasonable in elevator scene but opting for the friendship instead of being lovers is weird, how can he trust her as a friend too, just saying. Sanem proved again that she is not just a quirky, dumb, naive or childish girl, she can take control of things and Can bey, loved the ending and all, It was about time Sanem!
  12. Agreed, but as I view Her, the change is already visible from last couple of episodes, she has become serious about her work, .... she chooses to leave Can + work instead of more begging... then the way she handles Fabri ... and the sarcastic comments to Can about his behavior is really something... I hope Can do get some more sarcasm ------ Enjoyed the last episode much but they should avoid interruption during Canem scenes. What I really find weird.. Can got over Emre easily, we did not see any gym sessions etc, next day he was in a very calm state.
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