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  1. Liked it this new teaser as.. 'Mute screaming Karan style' "his eyes were screaming on this injustice and he was about to burn the world" or atleast give some rash. and I am hoping to see some dark smiles of Gokhan
  2. Such a TEASER , seems fragman 2 of episode # They are displaying female leads' screaming capabilities For Gokhan, I hope this is some intentional thing then he goes somewhere and redo this and that and comes back for revenge
  3. He also directed DIP' s five episodes. (according to Imdb) Yes, I liked Dip but left unfinished.
  4. Everything is working MashaAllah. Thank you.
  5. I confess this is so unexpected, Here I was bringing myself to say goodbye to this lovely place but this generosity has overwhelmed me, feeling dumbstruck and words cannot express the gratitude I feel right now. @Angel. and Ladies! You did not have to do the extraordinary thing that you did, but you did it anyway. Thank you! I am touched beyond words by all the support you’ve given us for one whole month. I’m humbled and appreciative for all your cordial act.
  6. Amazing, just finished last three episodes and it was a treat to watch the show, everything about it were at brillance except one thing.. killing Ates, it was not needed, the story was very horrific already and adding more pain in it was too brutal. I could not find Subs for last 3 episodes and watched with my limited Turkish knowledge, if anyone know about subs Plz help.
  7. Hi girls while we wait for Gokhan to come out of this hibernation, Fox tv is about to show some Gokhan Alkan This friday night....
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