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  1. Milicim you were right, he looks like he's ready to eat her 😂😂
  2. Here are some memes I made for the non-canon couple that is CanEm.
  3. I also watched it live but since I was watching it on my phone I couldn't make any comments about it. I really enjoyed it, I see we have some development around the "relationships" of this show. I enjoyed seeing Sanem totally crush on Levent and Can getting jealous. Polen was a nice touch and in my opinion she seems sweet so maybe as Mili said she'll help them get together. The kofte case was so funny, them trying to get a store to sell it and then the women not letting them have it 😂. Also, I love CeyCey, Osman abi, Osman, abi adore him so much. On another note, I find it so funny when Can and Sanem fight, the first scene of episode ten they showed was really something... 😂😂
  4. This is kind of off topic and I don't really know what you guys think but in my opinion this would have been the perfect opportunity to change the day the episodes air. Since Eid fell on a Tuesday they could have just changed it to Saturday/Sunday and still give us an episode for this week. Don't judge hey, I'm just desperate for a new episode 😂
  5. I'm already so excited about the next episode because I can tell it's going to be great! I don't really expect CayCay to keep the secret for long
  6. I agree, the atmosphere in the workplace is always great in rom-coms, I wish it were that way in real life. They have a lot of fun in general, with the gossip and such things 😂. I actually watched the episode live, and was hoping we would see more of Osman scenes, like, him acting as if he were in love with Sanem and Can getting jealous, but that didn't happen. Aylin is really getting on my nerves, I wonder what she's gonna do with the photos she sent to her phone. Probably steal the campaign or something. Can was too kind, like always, and Sanem getting mad at him for nothing kind of frustrated me, like the man is head over heels in love with you, what more could you want. The ring is fugly as you girls said but it's becoming a big problem. Canem is just too cute of a (non) couple, they have a lot of chemistry. Sorry for the ranting... lol
  7. Thank you @Ilsa 💜 I've almost finished the second episode and another thing I really like about the show is that so far there haven't been any "slam her against the wall and awkwardly stare at each other for five minutes straight" scenes. I hate those. I love all the scenes with Can and Sanem. They look really tatlı together.
  8. So happy to see some familiar people in this thread. I started watching the first episode (I'm late on the train, lol) earlier today and so far I seem to really like it. Of course it has its cliche moments, but it's light and funny so I'll take it. And I will continue reading your discussions...
  9. I've looked everywhere and I haven't been able to find it. It's like the song doesn't exist. I wrote the post in order to help you but it's no use. Sorry!
  10. Hello everyone! This is my first post on the thread and I have a question. It has to do with a song, from Seçkin's old series "Bir aşk hikayesi". The song plays around 47:06 on the first episode of the series. It's an English song but I had no luck when I tried to find it. Do any of you kind people know the song? If you do, please let me know. Have an amazing day, everyone!
  11. Here's a full translation: C:Did I not tell you that you should leave this place? What are you doing here? You are over, you're over. Did you understand? You're over and I'm starting. We are getting married. Do you understand? Won't you go? B:I will not. C:Do you know who this guy... B:I'm a thief.
  12. Ah, Asuman, ah! She's probably going to tell Deniz that the marriage was fake.
  13. This has got to be the funniest fragman ever. Ferit closing the ring box at the end. LOL.
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