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  1. I've looked everywhere and I haven't been able to find it. It's like the song doesn't exist. I wrote the post in order to help you but it's no use. Sorry!
  2. Hello everyone! This is my first post on the thread and I have a question. It has to do with a song, from Seçkin's old series "Bir aşk hikayesi". The song plays around 47:06 on the first episode of the series. It's an English song but I had no luck when I tried to find it. Do any of you kind people know the song? If you do, please let me know. Have an amazing day, everyone!
  3. Ah, Asuman, ah! She's probably going to tell Deniz that the marriage was fake.
  4. This has got to be the funniest fragman ever. Ferit closing the ring box at the end. LOL.
  5. I don't think it has an official Youtube channel since all of the trailers were uploaded on the Star TV Youtube channel. I searched on Youtube and couldn't find any channels for Sıyah İnci.
  6. Great! Now Nazlı's father is going to try and separate them. Ugh! This dizi needs to end... it's become a very stupid series.
  7. In honor of our dear forum that is now back, let's celebrate with a Koray video. Enjoy!!!!
  8. Siyah İnci (Turkish; black pearl) is a traditional, old-fashioned Turkish melodrama starring Tolgahan Sayışman as Kenan and Hande Erçel as Hazal, two lovers who will be separated by Vural (Berk Hakman). This series is set to air on Thursday, the 28th of September, on Star TV Plot: Kenan and Hazal, who live in the coastal town of the Aegean Sea, promised that they would never leave each other. But if Vural who comes to town, is willing to risk everything in order to get Hazal, Kenan's and Hazal's love will turn upside-down.
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