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  1. Hello everyone. I am not an active member of this forum and due to some reasons I haven't done any donation or pay any fee. So, I am allowed to view only few parts of the forum but I am fine with that. I would like to ask you if it"s possible to "move" with you to the new platform under the same conditions because I like this forum a lot and I am following it since long time ago. Thank you. Happy days to all of you.
  2. Yes this forum is very well organized thanks to you and very useful also I agree is not fair only few people to cover the expenses. For me the only way to send money (from Greece) is through "let's say" Western union? (to whom I don't know, where I have to pay plus some euros) because I don't use credit cards and PP via net (like neaterdal I don't know how and I am not willing to do it because I am afraid). But I wonder can I spend this amount just to read comments and to be informed about the series every season? because I am not participate so much (that's my type), I am not watching the series live (too many hours), my favorite (Engin Akyurek) is most of the time absent and his thread almost dead. For all the above I said I am not able to pay the fee. Really i don't know what to do, I think I will wait for your decision and then I will decide. Thank you.
  3. You are a saviour, a very kind person. Thank you. It's so nice going in and out of the thread, always to find something new to read, while the king is sleeping.
  4. Thanks a lot Sandy. Nothing more nothing less. Only few words about OK for first time. They went to LATAM just for the movie not for him. It wasn't big success in Turkey, they have to cover the budget (I am not mean, that's my feeling). I wish I knew his real feelings not only for the projects. He is so delicate.
  5. How much I like all this overdose. GOOD JOB LADIES. SANDY RESPECT. How much I like that this thread is still alive. How happy I am for you all who managed to meet him. If it's true that this unique guy has no girlfriend it's a pity for the whole universe. If he has only "Sefa" maybe cats knows better. Hola I am curious how the audience felt about the movie, we already know about Engin's acting skills but the movie has many aspects. I hope better than Turkey.
  6. THANK YOUUUUUUHe is A D O R A B L E and I am J E A L O U SLucky girls
  7. Who cares about the hair when we have those eyes. Is it true he will visit latinas? What an honor!!! Eagerly waiting for latinas to speak. They know about good stuff (its sounds dirty but you know what I mean). A nice week ahead with a lot of news.
  8. Well, well, new Kafasina new movie, nice The previous movie wasn't bad, a little be scary in the middle (I am not so brave) but the audience prefers him as a lover. Don't put your blame on us Engino we are women in love after all. For me, this project, is a nice and safe choice. Ladies
  9. What is going on there , then they have problems with fake kisses on screen. Let's see for how long they will be together.
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