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  1. She is gorgeous !!!!!!!! OMG I love her !!!!!! Thank you Malika for the updates about our lovely Tuba
  2. I like this show very much !!!!!!!!!!! I like all the lead actors and actresses !!!!!! It's funny and relaxing to watch !!!!!! I hope it won't be cancelled because of rating issues !! This show feels more like the american shows !!!!
  3. She is beautiful !!!!!!! Rayonnante comme on dit en Francais !!!!!!
  4. I watched the first episode and I like it . I find it entertaining and I like the lead actors ! I have a feeling they get along behind scenes too .
  5. Hi Ladies ! This upcoming show seems to include action and comedy genre !!!!! I like this type of shows ! will definitely watch ! On top of that , I like the actor Ibrahim Celikkol !! I find him funny and attractive of course Looking forward
  6. Tuba in this video reminds of the golden age era of the classical Hollywood cinema !
  7. Thank you Nissan for sharing these beautiful pics of Tuba !!!!!! She's sooooooooo pretty !
  8. Happy birthday Tuba !!!!!!!!! we miss her on screen
  9. Thank you Nissan ! you're the best ! I am speechless !! Tuba is waaaaaaaw !!!!! gorgeous wish her all the best in her life miss her on screen
  10. what a natural beauty !!!!!!!!!! Thanks Nissan for giving us updates about our lovely actress
  11. Tuba and her twins are so cute ! Thanks Nissan for sharing these pics
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