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  1. Normal people don't go around carrying guns and threatening others with it. He has a dirty temper at the very least. I know it's her choice but I sincerely hope that she comes out of this alright. Also, loving her current hairstyle, I think it really suits her. She seems to be more relaxed on her off days so this type of low maintenance hairstyle works better than certain ones that need to be styled to look good.
  2. Yeah, it seems kanal d doesn't really give their shows much of a chance if it's not an immediate hit. Omg, their site is absolutely horrible! But I guess they figured they don't need to make an effort, since their shows are only accessible through their site.
  3. I only watched the trailers and it looked very nice with an interesting storyline and maybe even intriguing characters. And then I find out here that it's airing on kanal d... they never upload to youtube.
  4. Ooh, the fragment seems kinda interesting, although it gives nothing away. It seems like this is going to be an ensemble show, which I'm okay with, because there are some great character actors in the cast. I didn't know this was airing so soon though, I always thought it'd be like, January or something.
  5. English subbed fragman for the final episode..? They're making Boran go pathetic till the very end.
  6. No idea what's going on, but Berk looks so menacing. I'm surprised because he was such a sweet guy on Gulizar but he's pulling off the crazy eyes well here.
  7. Ooh, the second episode has been uploaded to the show's youtube channel already. They have a confusing upload schedule.
  8. Yes, you can use a Paypal gift card without a Paypal account, and the gift cards come already loaded in a certain amount aka $25/$50 etc so there's no need to transfer money onto it.
  9. From my understanding, a Paypal gift card can be used multiple times until the prepaid amount of the card is used up. However, there's a possibility where, say if you only have like $4 left on your card, but you're trying to pay for something that's $5, it will decline your payment. But you'll be able to check the amount you have left on your gift card on the Paypal website. Apologies if my explanation is confusing.
  10. For those uncomfortable with using Paypal and/or their credit card online, another way is to get a Visa/Mastercard gift card if it is an available option to you. I believe there are also Paypal gift cards available to get as well. That way, you won't have to put any of your personal information online because it's a prepaid card and you can easily check your remaining balance online.
  11. That would explain why he has a collection of Melike's records. Berk's character is the only one without their last name revealed so wonder who's his father?
  12. the eng subbed fragments: https://youtu.be/S7l5b126Frg https://youtu.be/5HKhZD53FpE https://youtu.be/yiS0Iff4YOQ I'm low key excited for this show lol
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