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  1. Adam He's definitely feeling himself here... what side is this? Italian or Karadeniz? New interview.... me smiling as he's smiling Did he say yeni işler, yeni projeler . Please come back in a brand new show, I don't want to deal with trying to understand an existing show just to follow you
  2. My gorgelina once again for DeFacto
  3. Is it just me or Zerrin is looking a lot skinnier lately..it makes her head look bigger.... or maybe it's just the hair. Still love her though
  4. The most gentle giant in the land
  5. Bak bak bak.... çok yakışıklı, çok efendi.... That one finger on the key is so him Omg!!!
  6. Uffff..... He looks like a boy here...
  7. You come to talk about Hercai here when we haven't seen you in the thread? Hmm? Kiz! Get your b u t t over there hemen That gold wedding ring though.....
  8. Interesting interview.... but I kind of blame journalists these days. They all ask the same questions. There were 1 or 2 new things in here, but I bet Can has memorized all the answers now with the way he was rattling off. And this is the same not just with Turkey, but the world over. Especially when you're popular or in-the-moment. I get they might be restricted in their questions because they know before-hand that the actor does not want to talk about some things, but they could switch up questions and make them more interesting. I think I've seen more fun interviews from the less formal new-age internet/socimal media guys. They know how to ask questions and keep things interesting. Neyse... do a movie before you go for military training okay Can
  9. Oha! Bu ne? How can 1 woman have 3 extremely hot sons like these I didn't even know Furky had these many brothers.... time to go investigate their accounts
  10. Baby girl and her end of year presentation . I wish the teacher didn't interrupt so much though. In English - Sources of Energy Spanish
  11. It's the same university awards as Görkem. It seems he won best actor and Gorkem won best supporting actor. Well done to my Söz team.... keep soaring
  12. Well not any role like any role .... but with the right one, he'll kill it. As for Leke, too many things wrong - the timing in the season, the story, the pace.... with the right conditions, it would be epic ama
  13. Tolga won another award.... gave his acceptance speech from his trailer
  14. I'm in panic mode since I read what you wrote. I'm trying to find clues on SM... There are people hinting at no season 3 so the show ends soon. That's better IMO. Well just have another unbearable 20+ episodes of Ender-Yildiz cat and mouse. ZeyAl have come full circle already... now all they have is others bringing problems their way.
  15. Another win for aşkım benim I can't wait for Söz to be over and see him in another role... I don't even care what it is, even a summer show.... he's shown how versatile he is in as Mücahit already and he's a natural comic
  16. What?! Then it's more serious than o thought. Please don't tell me they're going to kill off Alihan and they'll leave a depressed Zeynep.... I'm just getting back to them
  17. I saw this too.... Maybe the gang is about to breakup. He normally refers to them as Big Gang Theory.... But really, I wouldn't mind if the ZeyAl story ended. They'll only give them drama in season 3..... ama what's YE without ZeyAl
  18. It's the good kind of crazy...... I also want to remember it
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