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  1. Aman aman.... aman amaaaaaaann
  2. Poor lonely baby.... all his friends are at military camp. How many years will he have to wait till he goes for his? All his Söz training will be out of his system by then.
  3. Tolga's military duty starts.... he shouldn't be so lost especially right after Söz
  4. Görkem at military camp with Tolga.... I'm so happy to see them again in military outfits ❤❤❤❤❤ These must be from days earlier with Kubrah
  5. He's totally not even trying here, but I'm just like
  6. He seems to be really excited about this project, with all these promotion he's doing
  7. Ağır Romantik is looking çok romantik
  8. Geldim..... I actually bookmarked this on IG to share later, but forgot Can he look anything less than an aristocrat with that height, those eyes and all that handsomeness....
  9. Yes exactly. I haven't read them yet and they don't show as bold even when you haven't read them. I haven't been very active too, so when I check notifications when I get back, they all come out grey and the ones that come in after that also show as grey too, so I assume I've seen it already till I go randomly on a thread and realise someone just replied me.... I hope this is not too confusing
  10. I guess this is a good place to ask... Is anybody else experiencing this thing where new notifications are greyed out, so you can't tell what you have or haven't seen? I noticed it after the last forum upgrade/shutdown. Especially when there are quite a number of notifications..... I just go on a thread and see that someone replied a post of mine but the notification didn't show it as new.
  11. They have control of his YouTube too? What?! Did he sign his life over to them? I hope it's not true, cos that's just disappointing for all parties involved. And yes, a başrol for Görkem where he can smile and smile
  12. Why you so mad at Tims kiz? Don't tell me it's just because of Burak? But Gorkem is an aşk role . I felt this this rumored role was kind of close to his Valley of the wolves one..... waiting....
  13. Yok ya.... not the 4th season of a show I don't watch
  14. This is such a Yağız look Nice interpretation.... even though she's actually the nice one who decides to break the rules for once and he's the womanizer who might be helping her out
  15. Green canim.... greeeeen.... like this ....anla artik....
  16. Diving in to rescue @Sandy from the deep blue
  17. ....does not miss a chance to go naked like Adam
  18. Uffff. Mother-daughter rift?.... hopefully they can sort it out soon.
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