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  1. Hello Angel. My donation is made, thanks.
  2. OMG!! They say that Tuba Bukustun is reading the script. https://www.aksam.com.tr/yasam/serenay-sarikaya-o-teklifi-son-dakikada-reddetti/haber-989570
  3. Yessss OMG!! 27/5000 What a joy, the King returns
  4. My congratulations to Barisea Bazil and thanks to Melten. Very good analysis, I agree with Umut Pink and Umut Blue. I loved the film, its development, the depth of the theme, the colors of the film. It made me reflect on the decisions we make in life and how important they are to decide our lives. I was taken by surprise the outcome, I cried with the end of Umut Pink and I was surprised with the growth of Umut Blue as a person. Engin was great, he is a great actor, he created two wonderful parallel characters and Berguzar dedicated himself (after several roles as a good girl), he did a very good job. Engin played that romantic side and the wild side (BBO) very well. Very sexy, sensual and see it in boxer is to warm the cold nights. It's a movie to watch it several times and I hope they win prizes for their performances, adaptation of the script, direction, editing, and main roles. Thanks
  5. We hope, that this supposed script will become a reality
  6. Hopefully, so we can comment. Engin deserves all the awards, it's amazing.
  7. Hello. I saw the film translated into Spanish, in a group. It's very good, Engin is a great actor, he made two simultaneous characters, and they were very different. I think it's Berguzar's best work. It is a beautiful story that causes you to want to analyze it and discuss it in a forum. It made me cry very, very
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