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  1. Hello dear! I think the new platform will be free for everyone, but ask @Angel. our admin to be sure! I know what you mean about the forum, I love it too
  2. Hello dear! Go to home page, up in the right you'll see the search symbol, there write the name of the dizi you want and you will find it or else, in the home page down on your left you'll see in bold blue letters, "other titles" and you'll find many dizis Hope I helped
  3. Hello everyone! Hope you are fine! @Angel. I've just made a donation. Thank you for creating our forum dear!
  4. Alltogether the info about the dizi and basic plot, plus director and screenwriters.
  5. Eliso

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    Hello to everyone! If that is the desicion I also am ready to move. It's as everybody says the forum is us! So dear @Angel. tell us what we have to do. I don't like changes too but I love new beginnings! Go figure
  6. Eliso

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    I've just read all these, I am with you guys, the majority, whatever we decide, a change of place or whatever, I support it I believe we'll manage the financial issue somehow if we are to move yes, indeed it would be nice if new members could come for free, hey I just found this forum by chance and loved it and became a member for free 3 years ago. So I support the decisions we'll have to take for our place to stay afloat
  7. Oh that's great dear! I was sure Engin would be awesome and I am glad Berguzar was great as well! Hope we find it with english subs and watch it too
  8. Yes, dear I have watched that film. It was so and so. I too don't like Papakaliatis, I find him pretentious and not good actor. I would like to see the Turkish version. Engin is a far better actor than Papak and he will give a different life in the character.
  9. Yes, dear, IF was the title in the Greek film. The director of that film said the Turkish production team was excellent and they had a great cooperation and he was proud of the course of film in Turkey
  10. So the boy in new adventures says here! Netflix, Ay yapim, and he has already met his lead lady for a tv series. I'm looking forward to this, he is a fine actor!
  11. I agree with that! He is that good! I read here that everybody was dissapointed with the finale. I couldn't follow this dizi, I couldn't connect with it somehow but I started it because of the actors. I learnt for Onur first as a director in Sahsiyet(great series). Then I saw him for a bit in Carpisma and I wondered why a director of a fine series plays in something not that great. I mean no offense, So I have come to understand that dizis for turkish actors/actresses is their way to pay their bills and theater is more for prestige let's say. Neyse Onur is more than meets the eye! Not only talented but smart and creative as well. Here is a link that says that he took initiative with some colleagues to create a union of directors to protect their rights and to try protect many actors from losing suddenly their jobs if they don't bring ratings and ads. Also they will try to create more completed plays in dizi sector: https://fav10.net/forum/threads/dizi-sektöründe-neler-oluyor-flaş-açıklamalar.287486/?fbclid=IwAR0mrRT4FL_f-mH0ovq6cIvdldBQp-Q0JeLOZh7CvygGAGCFWrbDrkI6p_A I don't speak Turkish and I read the above in a reliable greek fanpage of a turkish series (https://www.facebook.com/541720839495500/photos/pb.541720839495500.-2207520000.1557178331./823741901293391/?type=3&theater) So I think that shows respect for cast and crew in dizis and us viewers as well! and bravo Onur!
  12. I had to repost this photo to this page too because it's just gorgeous! Thanks @Meltem!
  13. Hello dear I found this So it's probably true and in a reliable FB greek page which is about turkish dizis they say that in EK there is a change of writer that's why the one week break and that Can Yamac they will come back with new things and changes and that they are excited about that. and the links they provide: https://twitter.com/canyaman1989/status/1113861753606234113?fbclid=IwAR1ftQ4_nttz-4p1CZhRD2fOHiJt7fPny5MjAF_EjoFcNHTp291WvQHSISs https://twitter.com/erkencikusdizi/status/1113838381543325705
  14. I 've already seen mine. Thank you dear, hope you are fine!
  15. Hi everyone! Hope you are fine! according to this link Ilker will star in a new dizi in show tv called "Yabanci" http://www.ranini.tv/haber/35716/1/ilker-kaleli-yeni-sezonda-yabanci-ile-ekrana-donuyor?fbclid=IwAR2_156l8IL82wEPsEsEVJ4EN6Z3JWNWC9fCja0ErJJXdXw82KEt5GH6XyY What have you heard about it? Thanks for any info for our dear and forever Poyraz
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