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    Yes and yes to both for me too Actually is nice change
  2. I 've already seen mine. Thank you dear, hope you are fine!
  3. Hi everyone! Hope you are fine! according to this link Ilker will star in a new dizi in show tv called "Yabanci" http://www.ranini.tv/haber/35716/1/ilker-kaleli-yeni-sezonda-yabanci-ile-ekrana-donuyor?fbclid=IwAR2_156l8IL82wEPsEsEVJ4EN6Z3JWNWC9fCja0ErJJXdXw82KEt5GH6XyY What have you heard about it? Thanks for any info for our dear and forever Poyraz
  4. This girl is so pretty and I found this recent make up video of her! Hope you like it
  5. It's ok dear. I've done the same . Just send a PM to @Angel. with your forum name for her to know it is you
  6. Hello everyone! have you seen this photo? hope everything is fine for our dear Burcin
  7. but no one is handsome enough, sorry to say. None of them has this strong powerful presence in my opinion maybe the poor boy down on the left of the pic who loves Tuna's daughter (can't remember his name) is a bit cute what do you think? not only you Lola but all the kizlar here
  8. I'm watching it now on rerun I hoped i would find a comment here. Neyse, so far so good
  9. me too canim. I can't watch live but I'll watch it on re-run the same night and I will read the comments here! hi everyone, hope you are fine!
  10. Hosqeldin dear! Glad you came back! I agree with you, this place never leaves you
  11. Hi everyone! read all your comments and loved them I had a busy day and couldn't be here on the live so I watch the bolum now on repeat on Kanal D. I very much liked some moments so far. Oyku and MKC were great! If you find the subtitled bolum tomorrow please share or PM Wish you all a great night. Hopefully I'll be here in the next bolum
  12. yes dear! Go to this subforum page 1 to see information. Plus ask Angel or Nisan with personal message to help you How is the work going? long hours?
  13. we'll see dear, it seems the producers and star tv are as confused as we are. It's going to the end and after the next bolum we 'll know for sure I think.
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