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  1. Hello dear! I'm sure Angel will help you and I'd like to suggest something because I had the same experience and it kept telling me the phrase you wrote in red letters. So ask for a new password, go to you email and press the phrase which says "activate the password" and then try to log in. That solved it for me . Hope it works for you too. We wait for you on the other side
  2. Yes, dear I will. Thank you!
  3. Yes, of course dear! Yesterday I logged in and all was well, I even wrote on the chat board and Angel replied and visited some subforums, pressed the reps button etc. Also I changed my password as it is allowed after I logged in with a very loooong one I was sent in my email Today it says "I don't recognise the password'. Then I pressed the "I forgot my password", was sent another one and it said that I have exceded the allowed trials to log in. So I 'll try again tomorrow I guess. If there is something else I can do please inform me Thank you all! It's ok, it's the first days and things like this will happen PS. the new forum's emojis are awesome
  4. Hello dear! in Sefirin Kizi subforum the girls wrote that shooting is starting at the end of September . After that we will learn exactly when, i think
  5. Geçmiş olsun dear! We will manage the new forum for sure! Take care!
  6. Hello girls! I'd like to say that she is a very good actress, I have watched her in a movie and in KS and in Dip. Also some clips from a comedy series. She can play both drama and comedy and convey the emotion. She feels so natural and she is well read and builds the character with care. I don't know how is as a person but she is talented! Hope the new dizi with Engin be awesome!
  7. Hello dear! I think the new platform will be free for everyone, but ask @Angel. our admin to be sure! I know what you mean about the forum, I love it too
  8. Hello dear! Go to home page, up in the right you'll see the search symbol, there write the name of the dizi you want and you will find it or else, in the home page down on your left you'll see in bold blue letters, "other titles" and you'll find many dizis Hope I helped
  9. Hello everyone! Hope you are fine! @Angel. I've just made a donation. Thank you for creating our forum dear!
  10. Alltogether the info about the dizi and basic plot, plus director and screenwriters.
  11. Eliso

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    Hello to everyone! If that is the desicion I also am ready to move. It's as everybody says the forum is us! So dear @Angel. tell us what we have to do. I don't like changes too but I love new beginnings! Go figure
  12. Eliso

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    I've just read all these, I am with you guys, the majority, whatever we decide, a change of place or whatever, I support it I believe we'll manage the financial issue somehow if we are to move yes, indeed it would be nice if new members could come for free, hey I just found this forum by chance and loved it and became a member for free 3 years ago. So I support the decisions we'll have to take for our place to stay afloat
  13. Oh that's great dear! I was sure Engin would be awesome and I am glad Berguzar was great as well! Hope we find it with english subs and watch it too
  14. Yes, dear I have watched that film. It was so and so. I too don't like Papakaliatis, I find him pretentious and not good actor. I would like to see the Turkish version. Engin is a far better actor than Papak and he will give a different life in the character.
  15. Yes, dear, IF was the title in the Greek film. The director of that film said the Turkish production team was excellent and they had a great cooperation and he was proud of the course of film in Turkey
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