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  1. Ayca looks stunning in The Protector and she's great as Leyla, but it was quite obvious
  2. It was really strange and looking unnatural, she looks haughty... I don't know if it has something to do with her new manager but she was never like that...
  3. Sorry to say that but this dress wasn't a good choice but worse than this was her posing and no smiling at all... what happened with her?
  4. Yeah and I hope for more covers! I red somewhere that The Protector Gala will be on the 5th December. And one more news, Ayca has a new manager, Gözde Yılmaz from ID Iletisim agency :)
  5. It already begun but now much more people think Furky is a player and womanizer because first he supposedly cheated on Deniz Baysal and that's the reason of their break up, then this singer Yansi (or something like that) who supposedly hates him now for what he's done to her but she's not so famous so it wasn't publicized... and now Dilan who threw him out first from following... and it's strange cause just few days earlier they were so lovey dovey together, they spent halloween with Kenan Acar and shared photos... and you know, people love conspiracy theories sooooo Ayca's fans are saying now he's not worth her anymore
  6. Furkan and Dilan broke up suddenly. She unfollowed him and deleted all of their photos. He didn't do that It seems it's more his fault if she wanted to break away from him Honestly, I thought it would last much longer. They seemed really happy together and I have to admit it even though I don't like her much
  7. Hello, I paid donation 3$ for monthly membership trough paypal by clicking the button "Donate now" on the home page... Did I do it right? I'm so backward with those things
  8. Actually no one knows what happened... some people say Tumay is busy with promoting her book and that's the reason. But for me it's really puzzling... I really miss Ayca on screen! I even started watching Meryem again Hadi The Protector, hadi!
  9. It would be about 100 pages more if not forum cuts... maybe someday I'll come back to our disscussion, let's suppose to the page number 159 😉😉 And even if last episodes ratings were really bad, this project gave a lot of popularity and opportunities to all of them. I must admit I didn't know any of them earlier, except of Ugur (from CK) and Kenan from Medcezir...
  10. I love that this topic is still alive! Meryem has really special place in my dizi list :) I can't wait for Ayca's new project, I red we'll see first fragman on 21st of June. I wonder what kind of story will choose Furky... and what propositions he's already got? Serenay doesn't interest me much and I hope Kenan will get something interesting, cause he really deserves it. Lately I was watching some scenes from Meryem again... especially from the beginning. I love their slow falling in love Maybe it's not a high quality production, but has some special aura, which attracted me to watch it and stay to the end and it was great to share my thoughts with you guys!
  11. Evet... she looks stunning! New ones from the yesterdays event
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