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    OH MY CANT WAIT!!! This dizi is going to make me so happy I can feel it in my bones I only hope we'll get some quick translations like as with Hercai (although been watching and loving all the comments in the forum) even if it turns out to be an epic love story it has such a dark side to it that makes my heart feel heavy and can't stop especially with all the violence towards women! so repeat this series can't come soon enough!
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    Damn he's hot that tattoo though
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    So far in Carpisma it's enough to cry for 15 mins after someone and than act like that person never existed. So Kadir will be over it fast, no worries for him
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    Or they'll make him and Kadir make peace and than he can die, but for sure such character doesn't deserve to live after everything he had done. In last episode he even told Zeynep "l don't like people" and also gave her gun to kill him. so yeah no hope for Veli
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    Veli has done too many bad things to be saved in the end. He might for example die protecting Zeynep. Or die instead of Kadir during a confrontation with Cansiz
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    It's even uglier than I remembered, they could've covered it with make up but Kanal D is probably saving money
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    It also means that Kadir won't be crushed by his mom's death. If he can go to the stadium, it means he's ok
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    AAnnnd check this out! Girls will go to the match to watch boys Offf how much l missed this stadium scene, we didn't have one in almost 20 eps...maybe last one was when we saw how Kadir took Veli to show him, even though that was a flashback, also we had that one in episode 10 as surprise for Kadir in front of his house but that doesn't count Also great to know that Cemre won't be in hospital for too long! This song/lyrics will always remind me of Sila's version they used in Soz. but it suits this situation too
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    This one's funny!😂😂
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    Uffff..... He looks like a boy here...
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    I know so sorry I'm cheeky aren't I !
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    You come to talk about Hercai here when we haven't seen you in the thread? Hmm? Kiz! Get your b u t t over there hemen That gold wedding ring though.....
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    I read it will happen from the 11th of June. There might be a small break after 43 for Eid... then they'll be back
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    Risking life for that scarf? Ah Can bey ah btw this wood scene brings memories of good old days last summer ------------ Also most likely they will go back to Tuesdays once regular season is over!
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    Interesting interview.... but I kind of blame journalists these days. They all ask the same questions. There were 1 or 2 new things in here, but I bet Can has memorized all the answers now with the way he was rattling off. And this is the same not just with Turkey, but the world over. Especially when you're popular or in-the-moment. I get they might be restricted in their questions because they know before-hand that the actor does not want to talk about some things, but they could switch up questions and make them more interesting. I think I've seen more fun interviews from the less formal new-age internet/socimal media guys. They know how to ask questions and keep things interesting. Neyse... do a movie before you go for military training okay Can
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    Why is Sanem polluting the sea with all these bottles every night?
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    I love Aziz bey...
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    Starting the episode.... How does Deren always get stuck in the mud? Where does everyone else pass to get to the house
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    What a beautiful Mother's Day message by Mert
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    After really looong time(can't even remember last episode) l watched live and have to say that episode is so good (still not finished) but this "new look" brought them really new things and new vibe! Many things are different yet some stayed the same! We have few new characters but crazy ones stayed! Can and Sanem and that famous CanEm chemistry is still there! Even though both don't suit this new look, "lost in the woods, showered 3 months ago" emotions are there and it feels nice to watch them again! Also good to see them doing something else and not back to the company! Also in this episode Sanem again can hear voice in her head l wish them lot of success in next period and upcoming episodes!
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    I give them till next episode to fully clear out their misunderstanding.... that should give us another 2 weeks for CanEm cat and mouse flirting... just in time for the end of ramadan for the loving to continue in earnest
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