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    OH MY CANT WAIT!!! This dizi is going to make me so happy I can feel it in my bones I only hope we'll get some quick translations like as with Hercai (although been watching and loving all the comments in the forum) even if it turns out to be an epic love story it has such a dark side to it that makes my heart feel heavy and can't stop especially with all the violence towards women! so repeat this series can't come soon enough!
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    Damn he's hot that tattoo though
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    It's even uglier than I remembered, they could've covered it with make up but Kanal D is probably saving money
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    This one's funny!😂😂
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    Uffff..... He looks like a boy here...
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    I know so sorry I'm cheeky aren't I !
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    You come to talk about Hercai here when we haven't seen you in the thread? Hmm? Kiz! Get your b u t t over there hemen That gold wedding ring though.....
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    Interesting interview.... but I kind of blame journalists these days. They all ask the same questions. There were 1 or 2 new things in here, but I bet Can has memorized all the answers now with the way he was rattling off. And this is the same not just with Turkey, but the world over. Especially when you're popular or in-the-moment. I get they might be restricted in their questions because they know before-hand that the actor does not want to talk about some things, but they could switch up questions and make them more interesting. I think I've seen more fun interviews from the less formal new-age internet/socimal media guys. They know how to ask questions and keep things interesting. Neyse... do a movie before you go for military training okay Can
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    What a beautiful Mother's Day message by Mert
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