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Forum Rules and Guidelines



- Our first and most important rule is " do your best to be nice to each other". Even if you think that the other person is not nice and does not deserve to be treated nicely; still, do your best to be nice for the sake of the forum. Heated discussions and fights don't do us any good. Besides, being nice doesn't hurt.

- The second rule of the Fight Club is "You do not talk about Fight Club". Lucky, we're not a fight club and you can talk about this forum anywhere you like and invite your friends that you think who would fit in here nicely. We don't need more members, but nice people are always welcome!

- As one of our members once said: "Diversity is our forum’s strength, not its weakness. We are different nationalities, religious and nonreligious, young and not so young, shy and bold, and everything in between. We accept everyone, because Turkish shows speaks to everyone."

Our differences is also the reason why this forum even exists. If everyone in the world was Turkish, then there wouldn't be a need for this forum in the first place. Cherish our differences, don't let them separate us.

That's why, hateful or insulting words towards any faith, nation or group of people are strictly forbidden here as it should be in any place. We're not here to prove anything. We are but men and women. There is no country, culture or a group of people that are better than the others. Our differences make this world  beautiful and culturally rich!

- Remember that our website has visitors and users from every age category from many different cultures. Before posting; please read at least one time what you've just written and run it through your profanity/language filter before clicking the submit button. What seems normal or funny to you may hurt or offend your friends. Profanity will not be tolerated and posts the contain it will be edited or deleted.

- There's freedom of speech in this forum. You can talk about anything and as much as you want to, as long as you abide by the rules and write your posts in the appropriate topics. We have many sub-forums/categories now, make sure you're in the right one before you open a new topic or post in an existing one.


Also, before you open a topic,  make sure that the topic you wish to open doesn't already have an existing thread. If you're unsure, ask. If you do open a thread for a topic that already exists, your posts will be moved to the old thread and your topic will be deleted.

- This is a discussion board. So it's only normal to discuss about things. But don't be hurtful in discussions. Don't bully anyone that you don't like or you disagree with. It will not only make the other member feel unwelcomed and disrespected, it will make the other members feel uncomfortable, too. A single idea can be expressed in many different ways. Let's try to find the nicest way. Use the 10 second deep breath rule before you answer. Once something is put out there, it can't be taken back. 

So, please respect everyone's rights to express their opinions, even if you don't agree with them. And respect everyone's rights to disagree with you as well.

- Usually there is a very thin line between sarcasm and making fun of somebody. Make sure you are at the nicer side of the line. Humiliating a fellow member and putting words into their mouths isn't nice. If you feel annoyed or angry because of a certain member or post, you can try to wait till you're calmed down before posting something.  


Do not promote or share any illegal content here.




- Don't use very big pictures in your signatures.  

500x130 is the limit. give and take.  If you find an image that you REALLY need to have and it exceeds that, PM it to me and I will try to resize it for you. You may also add a couple of  lines of text to your signatures. 

You may only have 2 images per siggy.  Be them gifs or regular images. Please keep in mind that these things really slow down the loading time of the forum and pages for some people. Make sure the images you are using are of appropriate content as well.


Also, try to keep major spoilers out of the signatures.


We have spoiler tags. Please use them. 

A spoiler is  a  previously unknown aspect of something which you likely would have rather learned on your own. We all watch shows at different paces. It's very possible that what you have seen, someone else may not have yet. Let's be sensitive. 


Off topic discussions are fine within reason. We have threads for almost everything in this forum. From Bdays to cats. I know sometimes conversations break out as spare of the moment. That's fine but try to post in appropriate topics as much as possible. Bday greetings, New years wishes etc should go in their perspective threads. Not in Tv show threads.   


-  Please use the standard font type, size and color in your posts. That's for the uniformity and readability of our topics and posts. You can however, occasionally use different sized or colored fonts to put an emphasis on a word, phrase or sentence. There are also smileys to help you express your feelings. 

If you think or see somebody isn't following the rules, please remind them or  report them either by clicking the "report" button right below their avatars or by contacting a moderator privately.  Disregard for these rules will lead to a warning. Continuous disregard for them will lead to a 24 hr ban from the forum.  I am sure this will not be necessary though. 

 It's your forum, too. Please keep it tidy and clean. 


I will be doing some summer cleaning. All dead threads (threads that have no posts for 6 months or longer and have a low post count will be evaluated and possibly deleted.  I will post a list and you guys can help me decide whether they should stay or be deleted. 


If there is anything else anyone wants to add that I may have forgotten, please feel free to mention it.
Please acknowledge that you have read and understood these by making a simple post here. Again, I am re posting these because I needed a reminder as much as everyone else. This applies to us all. 

- And remember to have FUN