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  2. with a good project Has anyone of you watched Engin's film?
  3. Hello @Nanouss. If you want to make a payment, you can do that through PayPal following the steps at the "Donation" section. Fees for one month comes to $1.50, for 6 Months comes to $9,00 and for one year to $18. There's a member sponsoring option if you're interesting.( to sponsor or be sponsored) For more information and guidance if necessary, please contact @Angel. messaging her. Does it help?
  4. Hello, This would sound stupid but how do I subscribe to a paid membership? Thanks for your help kizlar.
  5. Adam He's definitely feeling himself here... what side is this? Italian or Karadeniz? New interview.... me smiling as he's smiling Did he say yeni işler, yeni projeler . Please come back in a brand new show, I don't want to deal with trying to understand an existing show just to follow you
  6. The past ,but I couldn't resist ,he's so handsome.
  7. Yesterday
  8. My gorgelina once again for DeFacto
  9. Last week
  10. Joanne

    Forum Themes

    So, now the delete button appears at the notification window as well and it is working fine! Everything seems that it is back in as we knew it to be! Thank you @Angel. and technicians team!
  11. He looks great and really hope he'll be back to TV with a new project this fall.
  12. Here you go @Sandycim, your boy's working hard.
  13. I laughed so hard when I saw the pic. All dressed up, serious, sexy, misterious and then...Caglar being Caglar. This is one of the reasons I love him so much. Let the memes begin. YagHaz fans are still not over.
  14. Sandy

    Onur Tuna

    His love for animals is amazing
  15. Ayşe Özkayalı [Burcu Özberk] is a beautiful, lively & nice person who wants nothing until one day, when she faces a huge laps with her family, boyfriend & friend, causing her to do something bad for the 1st time in her life, totally changing itMuhsin [Altan Erkekli], father of Kerem, is good-hearted, hardworking who started his business with a small shop in Sultanhamam & now is the owner of an online fashion website & only cares about is his son Kerem & his licentiousnessYelda [Neşe Beykent] is Muhsin’s 2nd wife. A model in her youth, she had a mess with her beauty, met Muhsin & after she got married, she took her hand off the catwalkSamet [Ozan Dağgez] Kerem’s older brother, is responsible for the shop in Sultanhamam. A neighborhood shopkeeper who can't keep up with his father's world. A copy of Muhsin but not as gracious & brave. He is averse to changes & different ideasHülya [Asena Tuğal] Samet’s wife, walks with bracelets on her arm & wants to be in a high society. She learnt a lot from living with Yelda. Hülya‘s aim is to penetrate the companyVolkan Çekerek [Serkay Tütüncü] is the #1 Yankee & accomplice of Kerem. Their friendship started in high school. He is optimistic, relaxed & cheerful but lazy. His biggest dream is to open his own coffee shopGonca Durmaz [Güzide Arslan] is Ayşe’s friend at work. She loves herself & is selfish. Her sight is always high, being one of the reasons why Ayşe changed her destinyBerk Koçar [Yılmaz ****] is a handsome, kind gentleman. This dentist is the only son in a family of architects who liked Ayşe, though his life conditions differedCeyda Aran [Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat] a young, beautiful, successful woman; obsessed with Kerem since childhood, but wasn’t reciprocated. She dreams of marrying Kerem, but wants Kerem to come to her & won't compromise her egoOther 3 key characters are detailed in the highlights “Afili Aşk”
  16. Is it just me or Zerrin is looking a lot skinnier lately..it makes her head look bigger.... or maybe it's just the hair. Still love her though
  17. Of course, you do, because you know how it goes for old loves...
  18. Canim, I still appreciate my Ibo.
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