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  1. Yesterday
  2. He really is in this picture! I never used to think he was attractive in the initial promos of hercai but he is stunning here!
  3. This hair is so much of a better look for him!
  4. I am no Serenay fan, but it would have been interesting lookwise. Weren't Tuba and Engin not already partners? Anyway, if this all happens, MONDAY please.
  5. Last week
  6. OMG!! They say that Tuba Bukustun is reading the script. https://www.aksam.com.tr/yasam/serenay-sarikaya-o-teklifi-son-dakikada-reddetti/haber-989570
  7. Ali's already as famous as his dad!
  8. That's Engin's father, right? He looks a lot like his father. Or this is how Engin will look when in this age.
  9. He's still super handsome, mashaAllah. But the longer hair makes him look so much more exotic. I want Sinan hair back
  10. Hey Beautiful! What's happening? Long time no see! Such a baby he is! Looks so very young without all the hair all over!
  11. Short, shooort hair 3 more days and he's done. Hello, canim benim. How are you, how have you been?
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