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it's a boy!

this glorious day marks the birth of my blog that shall serve the purpose of verbalizing my private thoughts and meaningful soliloquies just for the hell of it and i will start by publicly announcing that this smiley is not kissing anybody, do not mistake its pursed lips for those of one who is physically showing affection and or hinting at 'if you know what i mean' if you are mahmouha you will relate.. that aside celebrations shall be held in honor of my baby blog's launch, let the feasts begin!




Day 1

Spur of the moment Selim decides one night that now is the time to escape. I've been telling him for weeks but I guess Musti scared him pretty bad that night so...anyway, I accept his invitation. I can't bear the thought of having my eggs stolen in prison again and washing socks all day is no picnik either. Plus can you imagine if we end up in the same joint as Mustafa. We'd be toast. Selim would have a nervous breakdown for sure. We took off and drove to the vicinity of (really? You think I'd tell you that? ) Selim was such a back seat driver and worst co pilot ever. The guy can't even read a map. We stop for some sacks so I can go have a look at the map and I send Selim for snacks. At least he got the right juice boxes. I hate the Sylvester and Tweety ones. At the internet cafe I notice Nil is up to her old tricks again. What do I have to do to convince that girl of my lies? I mean Innocence. Anyway, no time to think about that right now. I'm tired and in need of a hot shower. At about 7:00pm Selim spots a motel . Doesn't look so bad and no one will expect the classy Yasaran (that being me) to be hiding there. We Checked in, got the key, went to the room unpacked the car, went into the not really pleasant looking room and within 5 minutes we were smelling a terrible smell. It was the pillow. The place was a fire trap too and IF there was a fire we would not be able to escape. I tried to go and Check out without paying as we explained the horrible odor but the bulky guy at reception wasn't having it and I wasn't about to get beaten again. So here we are stuck in a stinky room, no hot water and just 2 channels on the tv working. I waited till Selim fell asleep and I switched pillows. He'll never notice Tomorrow we are headed to meet the people that will smuggle us out of the country. Wish us luck.




Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne? Episode 1 Part 1

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? Episode 1 part 1. Click here to download the subtitles. How to watch it?
Hello, please follow these instructions step by step in order to watch "Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?" episodes with English subtitles.

1-) Download the "raw video" (with no subtitles) on the "official" youtube channel of "Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?".

For most episodes, we provide you the link of the video in our posts. To download the video in the given link, all you need to do is to go to "keepvid.com", and paste that link into the download box, and click "download" at the right side of the box. Allow your browser to install the required java add-ons if they aren't installed already. And choose one of the files keepvid generates for you to download. It will start downloading the "raw video" in the youtube link. Without subtitles.

2-) Next and easiest part - Download the subtitles we provide you in our posts. Simply click the "subtitles" link at the first line of the post of the episode you are going to watch.

3-) Once the Video and the Subtitles are downloaded, open a new folder and put those two files into the new folder. And simply double click the Video file, and it should automatically play the video with the subtitles together.

Important: You need a media player (Like VLC Player) that lets you load subtitles to videos, in order to complete step 3.

If the subtitles doesn't load automatically; just drag the Subtitle file into the Video when it is playing, to load the subtitles manually.

Note: To copy a text/link, you need to select/highlight the text with your mouse and right click, then choose copy/copy link address (or press "ctrl + c")

To paste a text/link, do the same as above except choose paste instead of copy. (or press "ctrl + p")

If it still doesn't work, please read the sticky threads in our forum and leave your questions there:


Good luck [/code]