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      ***Reminder About Storage Shortage ***   02/15/2018

      Hello, everyone. I wanted to just posts a little reminder. Anything we post in the forum takes up space.  Many of us agonized for days and weeks when we almost lost the forum over lack of space. Pat and I spent weeks cleaning up and getting rid of/cutting down threads many of us loved and will miss because of the issue. I am seeing lots and lots of gifs and pictures being posted. Some posts even including multiple gifs and them people continuously quoting those.  There is no need for 10 people to quote the same post with a crazy amount of pictures or gifs in it.  I get that gifs are a really fun way to express thoughts falan, but I ask that you guys to be considerate and not excessive in the amount of images and gifs you post. Twitter, Insta, YT and FB should be just fine. But gifs really do start taking up a lot of space. And before I get accused of holding double standards, this applies to all show sub-forums. It especially applies to Cukur/SBA/FHvK and ATB.  You can still post gifs in the form of links. People will just have to take the extra step to click on those links in order to view the gif.  Again, I'm not saying we need to completely stop posting them. Let's just apply some limitations on how many get posted at the same time. I really don't think any of us wants to have to go through what we just went to. Surely not any time soon. Also, I plan on deleting the actors and actress threads for shows. Most leads have their own thread as it is, and photos of less popular actors can be posted in the general thread for the show. Every show has such a thread anyway. I will be trimming down all backstage photos threads and keep them down to 50 pages at most.  I will also be deleting gif threads for ended shows. I have been going through them and most of the gifs are displaying as broken links anyway.  I also ask that you please remember to please clean out you mailboxes periodically and get rid of any large messages or messages you no longer need. People understand the situation. No one will be offended if you leave a conversation.  I'd appreciate it if everyone  took a second to acknowledge that they've read this announcement he/she has read it.    Thank you, and have a great day.   


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  1. Congratulaions Detective Tanjushka on getting reward from this forum...you deserve much more than that after having that much experience and abilities...instead of all of it you deserve much much much more for being a good and kind personality...

  2. Hi Canim,

    Have been watching the episode 22 in Turkish for the fourth time now- without really understanding it.( there was none available with English sub for this episode)
    Thanks a million for the time taken to translate and had t written in the forum here. Will be watching it again today. Tq and tq again.

    Was humorous to read some of the additional comments....had me smiling and giggling.

    1. Tanjushka


      Hi, eleona! And thank you for your kinds words, I'm glad my translations were helpful. :D 
      I encourage you to join us. You can introduce yourself in the general chat thread, I'm sure other members would really like to get to know you.:heartshape2:

      As for eng subs, I hope they come out soon. This week there seems to be a delay. 


  3. Hi Tanju, just saw this pic on FB.  I dont know if it has already been shared, and I didnt know on which thread to post this.  Sending the pic to you so that you do the needful. Thanks dear :4xvim2p:



    1. Tanjushka


      Thank you, dear. Yes, it's been posted in ep.11 thread. It's part of the official set of photos Ay Yapim posts every Tuesday before each episode.

  4. Hello Tanjushka I am new to watching Turkish dizi's. I happened to have began watching Kurt Seyit ve Sura and loved Kivanç. I began searching and found Cesur ve Güzel I have been able to watch some episodes on YouTube. I was wondering if you know where I can get one with English subtitles. Thanks 

  5. Hey girls im back! had to work all day

    And ive been reading your feeds during my breaks and I just totally wathed the 6th episode (thanks so much for the translations)!! 

    This episode was an absolute treat. You can see the change in Suehan and Cesur's relationship. Cesur has dropped the cocky flirty jerk attitude that he had at the beginning (which I quite miss actually. It was hottt) and is now becoming more vulnerable around Suhan. Suhan on the other hand is really starting to actively want to be involved in his life, bonding with his mother, opening up to him (episode 7 teaser). Funnily enough its definitely gonna be a slow burn type love with a zest of passion ofcourse, not forgetting that the leads are hot mashAllah.

    I wish Cesur would just make a move... Man's so reserved compared to the beginning when he was practically telling her that she would marry him some day...CLASSIC. I kinda want those moments back because you can really feel the playful hot chemistry between the characters. 

    I guess it all depends on the scripit and the context; i want something hot and fiery like Elmer (although nothing can top Elmer) but I think Cehan have the potential to really thrive if the writers do something about it. Im talking angst/passion telenova style. Lool I'm like Sirin!! Just want a passionate love story for my girl Suhan. 

    Gotta say this role is really suiting Kivanc; He finally got a modern day mature adult role, and Tuba completes him with her natural grace::

    Btw.. loved the fireplace scene and the dance scene the most... Loved your comments on them. 

    What were your favourite scenes and why?

    1. Tanjushka


      Hi, dear!

      Did you mean to post this in ep.6 thread or was it just for me? Sorry for not replying earlier, I've just
      seen it.

    2. FiFiB


      episode 6 thread, but I just kinda through it out there. no worries hun!:55ddf78ea0e0f_download(1):