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    • What hurt me the most was how she was trying to justify herself to him. She was doing everything in her power to please him, against her own needs, and he was mocking her.
    •   When I read things like this I can only be thankful for having an amazing man by my side, but especially for learning how to be a confident woman myself. Women or men, we all have flaws and this is a normal thing, no one is perfect, but sometimes we feel insecure about them because of the standards imposed by society. We get to question the way we look compared to others, to models, stars, beauty magazines photoshopped pics and so on. Basically, we get to question our value based on other people's judgement, stereotypes or preferences. Wanting to fit in those standards makes us lose the most precious thing we have, our unicity and it also brings us in the middle of a vicious circle that feeds our fears. But it's all about self-education and teaching others how to do that too. The above guy is the perfect example of a superficial man who only thinks about himself and his needs, treating the woman by his side like a sexual object, not a human being with feelings. Demanding her to fit into the pattern that he has created in his mind only increases her frustration, depression and lack of confidence. It makes her struggle to obtain a result that won't be satisfying for him anyway. Because if he cannot accept her the way she is, he will always find things that he wants to change. This means she will live with the pressure of being perfect in his eyes all the time. And trying to pretend what you are not is tiring. In front of the person you love and who loves you back there's no place for pretending nor demands. They see your imperfections as being perfect, because this is what differentiates us after all. A true relationship means to be yourself without fear of rejection. This girl has to learn how to respect herself first if she wants others to respect her. And the first thing to do is to dump that jerk who clearly doesn't deserve her (btw, I bet he doesn't look perfect either) and start to appreciate all the qualities that she has. And if she decides to make a change in her physical appearance, to do it because she feels like doing it, not to please anyone else. 
    • He sees her only as a sexual object, nothing more. She's in his life just to feed his ego and make him 'special' in the eyes of others. What a loser.  I know I said we need to look out for the younger females, but we also need to guide the males as well. Everyone is in one way or another, a product of their foundation years....only the strong and/or defiant normally break out of the mold. Everyone needs to be guided or given some level of support.  I can't even imagine her state of mind while dealing with him all those years....total self-denial and victim mentality. 
    • Terrible. I won't even comment on the guy but the girl should also be smart enough not to be stuck in a toxic relationship. Better alone than with sb like this. Some girls get into wrong relationships only because "all my friends have boyfriends so I want one too". Huge mistake.
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